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2021 find 3 facts in Insect Killer - Mosquito Killer Machine

Few Things to Check Before Going to buy

Insect Killer


in the market, we find a lot of Electric Fly Killer how to choose the right one

 Guideline for your   requirement

Working ModeElectric - Glue Sticky
Size1 Feet - 1.5 Feet - 2 Feet
Coverage area200 Sqft - 300 - 400 
Customize ProductDo you prefer any additional customization
PlacementWall mount - Hanging - Floor Standing
Stand RequiredYes / No

  How to find the Best Mosquito Killer Machine? 

Service Part 

Warranty Process

 Accessories availability 

Each Products having a Serial number - you can track product warranty using this serial number

Body Parts - after using some months products looks like the old feel, you can replace the body parts individually front door, catching tray, electric grid part after replacement of these part products looks brand new condition so you can continue to use for a long time instead of buying a new machine. this is the biggest advantages when you become wantrn

 We Deliver the products and parts all over India

 Connect Service Person - Instant support

 Since 2011 we are in Pest Control Field  - Over 10Yr Experience

  WANTRN® Guarantee - Huge Benefits

  WANTRN Guarantee - even after year usage, that you need to fix the problem on the old machine - send the item to our Service center in the event that we can't unable to fix the issue then we will offer Flat 50% Discount for a new machine - become a WANTRN Client enjoy these benefit

How does work insect killer light

Insect Killer Machines, UV Lights attract insects into a high voltage dual electrical grid where the mosquitoes, flies are electrocuted. The light bulb and the wires are housed in protective plastic or product body part metal cage

When the flying insects see the UV light from the insect killer bulb, it enters the space in between the dual mesh grids. The insects themselves complete the electric circuit, and the voltage crosses the space between the circuits, instantly kills the insects

Are flying insects attracted to UV? 

research says Fly Killer tube lights emit Ultra Violet radiation at 345 or 370nm, This light frequency attracts the fly killer machine. and this is the wavelength used for UV insects killer lamps

How many types of fly killer machine in the market? 

Insect control machines are two typesGlue pad sticky type or electric shock. Glue pad model, which are then trapped on a stick-on glue pad and electric model electrocuted when they touching an internal dual grid, it's depending on requirement model 

Electric insect killer machines are producing sound when insects are touching on-grid plates which never happens with the glue board fly killers

Annoying flying insects are a fact of our life, but that doesn't mean we have to avoid them in the right way. By using the right insect killer machine  installing in the right locations they can be controlled and we can avoid them

Compare electric mosquito killer lamp - Glue pad fly catcher?

Glue pad flycatcher machines are completely sounded free, smell-free, debris-free, and pollution-free when compared to the traditional electric fly killers which trap the insects by using electrical HT 2.5KV transformers that burn the flying insects when it touches on the grill

Electric insect killer machines are producing sound when insects are touching on-grid plates which never happens with the glue board fly killers

The glue pad-based mosquito killer machines kill insects in a natural way without any sound or smell, Eco friendly

Difference between Electric fly killer - Mosquito killer machine trap?

Glue pad flycatcher machines are completely sounded free, smell-free, debris-free, and pollution-free when compared to the traditional electric fly killers which trap the insects by using electrical HT 2.5KV transformers that burn the flying insects when it touches on the grill

Electric Insect Killer machines work UV light attracts mosquitoes and insects trap with electric dual grids and kills them by shock

Mosquito killer traps emit carbon dioxide or people and animals produce when they breathe, which mosquitoes sense. Once it's inside attracted device suddenly  they traped and captured and killed by vacuums

Which is the best Pest killer machine?

Home Suitable Models -Front of home are regularly in the live hall area and dining room, our 20W Model and 30W Models are recommends for home use compact size for kitchen and dining area use coverage area up to 200 sqft For the front of house regions the prerequisites are typically for the stylistic theme and are quiet inactivity. For placement Glue board insect killer machines designed for food processing areas

Commercial  Models -  medium 200 Sqft and larger area more than 300Sqft for Commerical use we have Industrial segment high configure models for faster killing performance and highly durable, powerful fly killers.Food Baking area, Storage area we strongly recommend glue pad flycatchers are most safe. for Industrial installations are usually factories and warehouses with Premium Model 40W, 60W Series these models larger coverage models. compare to standard commercial models, Industrial fly killers are typically quite large and powerful industrial-looking units. These fly killers can be protected an area up to 500 sqft


Why is WANTRN Products different than other mosquito killers?

Top 4 Reason to Choose WANTRN

Best Mosquito Killer Lamp for Home

Compare WANTRN Manufacturer vs trader  ? 

Provider ShoppingTraderWANTRN
We are Manufactureronline shoppingDealer
Replacement7 Days✘ Not sure✔ 10 Days
Accessories Shop online
✘Not sure✘ Not sure
✔ Yes - Shop online
Machine Body Parts Available 
✘Not sure
✘ Not sure
✔ Yes Available
Track Product Warranty
✘Not sure
✘Not sure
✔ Track Warranty
Extended Warranty available✘Not sure✘ Not sure
✔ Yes Available
Service Pickup available ✘Not sure
✘Not sure✔ Yes Available
Product customization ✘Not sure
✘ Not sure
✔ Yes Available

Mosquito Killer Machine Price
Based on Size and Coverage of mode

mosquito killer machine for home.

 Mosquito Catcher 20W

  Indoor - outdoor Home

  • Size 1.2 Feet 
  • Attracts Mosquitoes and Insects with UV-A Light 
  • Compact design for Home use 
  • Coverage area 200 Sqft 
  • Maintain Part: Yearly once need to replace tubes
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Mosquito Catcher Machine Price? 

fly killer machine.

  Fly Shooter 30W - Dual 

   ( Electric + Glue Pad )

Dual Insect Killer Features -  Instead of buying an electric Shocking Model Insect Killer or Glue Pad Fly Catcher - Just go for Wantrn Dual Insect Killer one device 2 result

  • Works like normal Electric Insect Catcher Machine
  • on-off Switch for disable shocking mode and convert for glue pad sticky mode working
  • For night time use glue pad mode and enjoy soundless experience 
  • Placement – Wall Mount - Hanging - Floor Standing
  • Coverage - 250 Sqft area ( Size 1.5 Feet )
  • Tube - 15W *2  Philips Brand

30W Fly Shooter Price ?

fly killer machine.

 Fly Shooter - 40W 

 Home & Shop 

WANTRN Flyshooter 40W Insect Killer Machine Our fly killer uses 2,800-Volt of Insects Killing power to stun and kill insects on contact.Narrow grills ensure that the fly killer machines safe around pets and the hanging chain makes it ultra-versatile: use it indoors, in your kitchen and the bedroom, portico area or outside by the porch during warm,summer nights while you enjoy some calm,

  • Suitable for Hotels - Cafe - Industries etc
  • Coverage up to 400 Sqft
  • Compact design for Home use 
  • Placement – Wall Mount - Hanging - Floor Standing
  • Tube - 18W Philips Brand
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Fly Shooter 40W Price ? 

flying insect killers.

 Fly Shooter - 55W 

 Commercial use 

Fly Shooter 55W Insect Killer Machine wide range coverage capacity, used by 18W * 3 Lamps  

  • Recommends for Hotels - Cafe - Industries etc
  • cover up to 500 Sqft
  • Compact design for commercial use
  • Placement – Wall Mount - Hanging - Floor Standing
  • Tube - 18W Philips Brand * 3 Lamps 
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Fly Shooter 55W Price ? 

mosquito killer machine for home.

 Fly Sniper - 40W

 ( Most Effective )

Fly Snipper 40W fly Killer Machine one of our premium products uses 2,500-Volt of Insects Killing power dual grid technology grills for faster killing performance -Detachable catching tray for easy clean-up later-Front guard lockable in open position – facilitates servicing

  • Size 2 Feet
  • Recommended Model 40W Model 
  • Coverage area up to 400 Sqft
  • Maintains: Yearly once need to replace tubes
  • 2.5 Transformer / or 3HT + Condensar
  • Product Placement:  Free Standing - Wall Mount

Fly Snipper 40W Price ? 

fly killer machine.

 Fly Sniper - 40W

 Commercial use

WANTRN Flysnipper fly killer machine for killing house flies and insects 2,800-Volt of  Power full killing performance on this model. All metal construction means longer-lasting models for years of reliable service. Electric Insect Fly Killers work by attracting flies to blue ultra-violet light. The flies are killed by an electrical current 

  • 2 Feet Size 
  • 2,500-Volt electric Dual grid Power faster Killing efficiency
  • Premium Model - Coverage up to 400 Sqft
  • Placement – Floor Standing
  • Tube - 18W Philips Brand
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Fly Shooter Pro 40W Price? 

mosquito killer machine for home.

 Mosquito Killer - 20W

 Indoor -  Home office 

  • Size 1.2 Feet 
  • Attracts House flies - Mosquitoes - Insects  
  • Product Suitable for Home - Kitchen area - Portico - Small Cafe
  • Coverage area up to 200 Sqft 
  • Maintain Part: Yearly once need to replace tubes
  • Lamp Used 10W *2 - Warranty: 1 Year

Mosquito Killer Lamp Price? 

fly killer machine.

 Glue Pad Model -30W

 1.5 Feet Size - 2 Tube

Our Fist Choice for Glue pad model can be used to Kitchens and Food Processing area to control house flies and other flying insects control by sticky board insect killer, keep placement 5 Meter distance from food processing area for better placement 

  • 1.5 Feet Size 
  • Recommended for Food Processing area, Kitchen, Cafe
  • Coverage area up to 300 Sqft
  • Maintain - Monthly once need to replace the glue board ( depends on usage )
  • Tube - 15W Philips Brand
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Fly Snipper 40W Price ? 

fly killer machine.

 Glue Pad Stick Model - 30W

 Wall mount design

Wantrn premium glue pad sticky fly catcher machine for home and kitchen use, insects killing without any sound or smell, device keep away from food preparing area

  • 1.5 Feet Size 
  • Recommended for Food Processing area, Kitchen, Cafe
  • Coverage area up to 300 Sqft
  • Maintain - Monthly once need to replace the glue pad ( depends on usage )
  • Tube - 15W *2  Philips Brand
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Glue Pad Fly Catcher Price ? 

glue pad fly catcher machine.

Glue Type wall mount - 15W

easy to mount 

Glue Pad fly catcher wall mount design suitable for for home and kitchen use, insects dying without any sound or smell, device keep away from food preparing area

  • 1.5 Feet Size 
  • suitable for Food Hotels, Office, Food Preparation area
  • Coverage area up to 200 Sqft
  • Maintain - Monthly once need to replace the pads( depends on usage )
  • Tube - 15W Philips Brand - Philips Ballast
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Glue Pad Fly Catcher Price ? 

pest o flash machine.

Pest O Flash - 2 T Lite Model

Lowest Price for Pest o flash machine 

  • Pest O Flash 2T Lite
  • 15W * 2 Lamps
  • Size : L50CM- H 27CM - W11.5
  • Type : Electric  Model
  • Innovative design

Find Price on 2T Lite Model PCI Models 

pest o flash lite.

Pest O Flash - 2T Model ( Black Color )

Suitable for Commercial use

  • Pest O Flash 2T 30WW
  • Tubes : 15W * 2 Nos
  • Hanging Option : Yes
  • Type : Electric
  • Size : L56CM- H 30CM - W15

Find Price 2T Model Check Here

pest o flash lights.

Pest O Flash + 2T Model

Commercial Model 2 Feet Size

  • Pest O Flash 2T  - 41W
  • Tubes : 18W * 2 Nos
  • Floor Standing Model
  • Type : Electric
  • Size : L72CM- H 44CM - W15

Find models on this link PCI Models >

insect killer machine.

Pest O Flash - 4T Model ( 4 Tubes )

Large area Coverage Model

  • Pest O Flash 4T
  • Tubes : 15W * 4 Nos
  • Pest O Flash 4T Model - 60W
  • Type : Electric
  • Size : L57CM- H 34CM - W15

Find Price for 4T Model  on this link PCI Models 

pest o flash spider.

Pest O Flash - 2 T Lite Model

Glue Pad Based Model

  • Pest O Flash Glue Pad Based Model
  • 15W * 2 Lamps
  • Size : L51CM- H 31CM - W7CM
  • Type : Glue 
  • Wall Mount Model

Find Glue Pad models Price 

spider machine.

Pest O Flash - Spider Machine

Glue Pad Spider from PCI

  • Pest O Flash 45W
  • 15W * 3 Lamps
  • Size : L52CM- H 34CM - W12
  • Type : Glue
  • Wall Mount Model

Find Spider Machine Price 

grabmos mosquito trap .

Grabmos Mosquito Trap

9 Led attraction

  • Recommend for Home
  • Lamp : Led
  • Suitable for Bedroom use
  • Type : Electric  Model
  • Compact Model

Find Mosquito Killer Trap Price 

Where to Install fly trap?

Room Size & Coverage - Mosquito Killer Machines offer wide-area coverage capacity, often rated in meters squared. This is actually the room that is maximum that the insect killer can run efficiently if the fly killer is put in the middle of the area. In the event that space exceeds the maximum coverage area, you will need several fly killer to make sure protection that is sufficient bugs such as instance rats and mice

Far from other sources that are light as insects are drawn to bright lights, fly killers could be less efficient if they are contending along with other light sources

Above doors: the positioning that is ideal for your fly killer ought to be involving the probable point of entry and the food. Consequently, simply inside and above doors are typical

Height: The average height that is flying off is around 5 to 8 legs (1.5-2.5 meters). Positioning the system only at that height maximizes its effectiveness

Not above food prepares which are dining depending on the size or sort of pest, some may ‘explode’ on impact. This will be called blow away. As such, its essential fly killers aren’t positioned pest debris could anywhere fall into food

Features of WANTRN the Best Mosquito Killer !

High-voltage and dual grid technology electric fly killer machine acts as a powerful attractant, kills mosquitoes and houseflies, gnats, wasps and other flying and biting insects upon contact | products can be suitable indoor and outdoor use

Three ways you can place flycatcher machine on your location | premium attractive design allows you to hang the unit via provided ring and chain or wall mount | floor standing, electric insect killer most recommends for kitchen, cafeteria, restaurant, bakery, Hotels Industries

 Philips UV light | ultraviolet technology lures and zaps mosquitoes and houseflies for quick, humane kills, both day and night| long-lasting Philips UV lamp are used for best result and long life of tubes, indoor use electric model recommends and its maintenance cost very less

Easily removable cleaning tray designed for mosquito trap machine | innovative premium design insect killer, zaps and collects small and large insects within durable clog-proof grid | simply take out the removable tray and clean the device within 2 mins 

insect killer machine designed plug and play model  it's really helpful for initial use of product | electric flycatcher machine designed for home use | glue pad insect killer machine designed for food industry segments

How effective are electric house fly killer

Glue Pad Model - Catching result

how to place Repair order

How to replace tube light on - electric mosquito killer

Replacement of UV tube light

  • To maintain good result, insect killer tubes should be changed at least every 12 months
  • We recommend Philips UV tubes, as their most effective attraction and long life compare other tubes, which reduces the amount of maintenance required.
  • Spare tube Lights clients can buy from our website, it's available our webstore
  • if the model need requires starters, replace them yearly once

Glue Board - Replacement

  • Glue boards are need to replace once in a month, if usage is heavy then we recommend to replace pads every 20 days once
  • Spare glue boards available our webstore
  • Each box 15 PCs Glue Boards inside

Replacement of Fly Killer Transformer

  • Switch off Device and unplug power socket first before checking transformer
  • mostly fly killer transformer offer longer life -
  • Use a grid tester to test the killing grid is working or not ? 

Mosquito Killer Lamp not working continually or Flickering - How to fix it?

  • First - Switch off the device and unplug 
  • Check tubes - Corner side of tubes, any black shade appear of tubes corner sides
  • Make sure starter fitted properly 
  • Remove both tubes and fit back it again
  • You can replace the defective parts easily
  • Insect Killer Parts available here

How to repair Insect Killer Machine ?

First Step - Switch off electric insect killer machine unplug socket!

UV Lamps not lighting and shocking grid not working, but the main power onNo Power to the unitCheck supply cord properly fitted 
Shocking grid continuously sounds cominggrids distance are very nearFirst, unplug the Device - then keep a small distance for each grid with the help screwdriver slightly adjust the gap between both grids 
Lamps not starting, killing grid is working Problem with lighting circuit. Lamps are not fitted properly Check Lamps are fitted properly – see instructions.
Wrong Lamps fittedCheck Lamps Volt
LAMP TYPE: see instructions
problem with light ( any black color shade appeared on the tubes )Change lamps
Tube light holder wire may looseBoth tube sockets wire should be properly fitted condition
Shocking grid not working but UV lights workingdual grid not fitted properly Ensure it is making a connection at the top of the killing grid with the high voltage connectors.
Defective TransformerReplace the transformer
Lamps not starting, lamp ends glow continuouslylamp weakreplace mosquito lamp
mosquito lamp not starting, flickering on starting also black shade on the rightLamp defect  Change insect killer lamp

We offer Complete Spare parts 

  • Products we can buy from the local market or online shopping sites but finding proper accessories toughest part 
  • We offer to our clients all parts online you can buy online and replace defective parts, continue to use the product for a long time

Important Tips to Follow - Reduce House flies within 2 Days?

Facts behind Mosquitoes - Insects - Flies ?

Spring and summer are combined with many beautiful and wonderful new items that live in our barnyards. Nevertheless, these seasons also usher in many pests--mosquitoes being undesirable flies, ticks, fleas, and lice--that can make our livestock and animals miserable, play a role in infection, and reduce manufacturing

Use chemicals for pest control, but there are lots of difficulties with their usage, particularly if you are attempting to raise stock that is natural. Insects can develop resistance to pesticides with time, making them less effective. In addition, you can find the possible part that is toxic to chemicals, and many of us are wanting to exclude or reduce them from our environment, our meals and our water.

Expert Says - about Mosquitoes

we think mosquitoes are more attracted to blondes and babies  

If there are approximately 3200 species of mosquitoes worldwide

we think mosquitoes are more attracted to blondes and babies 

co2 mosquitoes are attracted to body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale

female the life span of adult female mosquitoes varies from few days to several months

male adult mosquitoes usually live few days

mosquitoes can fly up to 14 miles for blood meal but usually. stay within about a mile

when we hear a mosquito buzzing sound, we are probably hearing the female. males don't drink blood, so they are probably not around you. the female wings beat at a higher pitch than male's. 

How to Stop Mosquito Bites, Using Mosquito Killer machine for home

3 Steps for reducing Mosquitoes at your home

Step - 1 -  Eliminate Mosquito Breeding area!


Dispose of all containers which hold water (cover or put holes in them).

Keep fishponds stocked with fish keep edges of ponds and drains clear of grass

Keep Swimming pools full and properly maintained

Rainwater tanks and ensure guttering is not holding water

Empty pot plant drip trays once per -weak

Maintain drains so water can flow away (2 — 3 days) 

Step - 2 Use Mosquito Machine Chemical Free Solution!

Use the Best Electric Mosquito killer Machine it's protected inside the home.

but need self-protection most important

House screen all doors and windows should be self-closing and open outwards use screen tents

Use an Electric insect mosquito killer machine to attract mosquitoes and kills them instant

Step 3 - Location recognizes!

  Location Recognize and avoid areas at high mosquito activity egg large shallow vegetated swamps salt marshes

Gaint Eyes on House flies!

House flies sense smells and air movements.

A fly can walk on roofs and slippery surfaces.

The antenna picks up smells and sounds and wind movements.

Helps prevent nails and sticky hair from falling out at the ends of the feet.

It's hard to swat a fly because an enemy sneaking up changes the airflow, which the fly can sense

The giant eyes cover most of its head, Flies can be found in a variety of this is certainly large reasons plant life this is certainly including soil, decaying natural matter, liquid, on various other pets and a lot of regarding general public health, in meals for personal consumption. Flies are believed a pest due to their capability to transfer conditions such as salmonella, dysentery, and hepatitis through their bodies that are hairy of their flexibility between waste ( natural or human being) and preparing food areas

Control Houseflies it's too dangerous!

Flies tend to order Diptera. The fly’s capability is certainly amazing you shouldn't be swatted comes largely through the advantages of their particular two wings. Worldwide, you can find over 150,000 species of flies, ranging from the small moth flies, which are real to their moth-like appearance to their name;to the larger blowflies and flesh flies, conspicuous inside their look and tasks. In India, there are several flies, dispersing across the nation as a result of favored conditions by that is climatic types. 

Order Diptera Flies have become extremely worldwide this is certainly successful they usually have the ability to take advantage of an enormous variety of food sources. Most flies must liquefy their food, and according to the fly, this could be through external’ that is puddling of meals origin with a spongey mouthpart; or perhaps in predatory flies, through the shot of a piercing mouthpart into the food source.

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