Mosquito Killer Machine Price Based on Size and Capacity Coverage

Mosquito Killer Machine Price

Find WANTRN Flycatcher Machine - Benefits and Service part!

Our WANTRN Mosquito Killer Machine is on a aim to keep your home and comerical place insect-free this summer. Two 18W UV lights bulbs lure insects into the 250 high voltage dual grid and ‘zap’, they’re gone. Electric flycatcher Machine 40W is ideal for killing houseflies and mosquitoes this fly killer machine can be used in any home and commerical places 

Are you New in flykiller machine segements, The WANTRN Brand is a great value, since 2011 build in high quality accessories, killing dual grid technology used for faster killing mosquitoes and insects. Its durable all metal construction has front access to the 2 uv lights tubes quick release easy removable tray design really help to clean device with in short time

attract and kills flying bugs including flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps and gnats 

Flexible arrangement use in the center, kitchen and lounge room, hotel, industries, cafe, bakery 

Wantrn Manufacturing many different electric flycatcher and insect killer machines deterrents over the years, but nothing like these latest models WANTRN

Combining dual operation mode with the advanced option electric shocking killing and glue pad stick option inbuilt on a single machine, really make these models stand apart from others on the market.

Our 30W hybrid Model flycatcher machine can be suitable for home use, 

Simply turn on machine as like electric mode when ever we like to change the shocking mode, switch on glue pad mode shocking funtion will be disable and insects will be traped on glue pads

Premium Degin look, this model provides a great coverage

• Metal Body - Strong and durable

• Easy to maintain and service

• Suitable for free standing - wall mount - Hanging

• Size 1.5 Feet 

Electric flycatcher machines are the best method of killing houseflies. You should simply turn them on, and leave them in the ideal spot and let them do something amazing! This implies they're by a long shot the most mainstream type of irritation control out there

Wantrn flycatcher machine the one that I end up utilizing the regularly, and in light of current circumstances: it works. Made in a level light style, it is square shaped and outwardly not a lot to take a gander at, but rather for sheer usefulness it's extremely valuable. 

WANTRN Fly Killer Machine has an external protecting which shields you from coincidentally contacting the charged lattice inside. Its pair 2 uv bulbs are replaceable when they wear out. A catch plate on the base catches the majority of the flying bugs, despite the fact that I do locate that some getaway regulation. Along these lines, it's ideal to put this in a region which is not difficult to tidy up. 

We recommend as a standing model flycatcher machine all the more regularly, as it very well may be put close to entrance focuses for the house without any problem. 

Wantrn Manufacturing wide range of best indoor flycatcher Machine, On the off chance that you need something upscale in your home, there's different choices out there. Yet, on the off chance that you need preferred outcomes over a flyswatter

flycatcher machine an external protecting which shields you from inadvertently contacting the charged cross section inside. Its pair of bulbs are replaceable when they wear out. A catch plate on the base catches the greater part of the flying bugs, despite the fact that I do locate that some break regulation.

a convenient and lightweight creepy-crawly destroying attractions uv lights created to trap and execute houseflies, mosquitoes, and any flying insects clients can take the UV light mosquito critic and its top-of-the-line innovation both inside and outside because of its 360-degree bright light to draw and pull in mosquitoes. 

Function - Electric fly Killer Machine?

Flycatcher Machine work by emanating an UV light that pulls in flies to the focal point of the gadget, where they're shocked, generally between two metal frameworks. As a result of the overpowering draw of their light, bug critics are extraordinarily powerful at slaughtering bugs

Fly Killer Machine every one of that bothersome houseflies with Fly Catcher Machine. The extraordinary indoor Insect Killer Macchine that executes bugs super-quick. Wantrn Insect Killer two 20-watt bright bulbs to attract mosquitoes, insects, wasps and different vermin. At that point the electric network discharges 2,800 volts to destroy those undesirable vermin away. No more smacking around the house. Beast Zapper is secured by close overlay plastic packaging and is likewise ensured by a wellbeing framework with an excessively very close. Making it ok for kids, canines, felines or some other pets. Beast Zapper is without substance and has a scope of 3,000 square feet. What's more, it's not difficult to clean: simply eliminate the plate and wash those nuisances away. Most awesome aspect all it's not difficult to utilize; simply plug it in and it begins working immediately. 

Floor Standing Model, perfect and safe. 
Slaughter's bugs quickly. 
UV light draws in flying creepy crawlies. 
Substance and scent-free. 

5 Guideline for find the right flycatcher Machine

1. How Much area you want to cover?

Fly Killer machine is designed depends on coverage,20W Model can be cover around 200sqft, 30W model 300 sqft, most recommendable commercial model is 40W with 2 Feet size cover up to 400sqft 

2. Working type Electric Shocking - Glue Pad Catcher?

Electric Shocking mode most moving commerical range - maintaince part very less yearly once need to replace tube light for best performance, glue pad model mostly used food indutries and kitchen use, food processiong areas, manitain part need to replace glue pads 15 days once 

3. Placement of Fly Killer Machine? 

Wall Mount - Floor Standing - Hanging 

Open restaurant and hotel use we recommend to keep machine on floor level 

fully covered closed airconditoned area we suggest place machine on wallmount option

Hanging part is great feature for our all products, we offering free hanging chain along with product

4. How to get repair product?

5. Where to get accessories 

Wantrn offer all spare parts and body parts, if any problem comes on parts customers can shop accessories from our website 

We are Manufacturer of Mosquito Killer Machines

Top 5 Flycatcher Machine Models for Home and Hotels

Rank No - 5

  20W Model for Home use

   Coverage: 200 Sqft, Lamp 10W*2, Size 1 Feet

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Rank No - 4

Dual Model ( Electric Shocking & Glue Pad Model )

30W Model for Home - Commerical use

   Coverage: 300 Sqft, Lamp 15W*2, Size 1.5 Feet

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Rank No - 3

Glue Pad Model 

30W Model - Food Processing area's most recommended 

   Coverage: 300 Sqft, Lamp 15W*2, Size 1.5 Feet

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 Rank No - 2

 Premium Model - 2.5KV heavy Transformer

 40W Model suits for Commerical use

  Coverage: 400 Sqft, Lamp 18W*2, Size 2 Feet

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Rank No - 1

 Electric Model

 40W Model 2 Feet Size

   Coverage: 400 Sqft, Lamp 18W*2, Size 2 Feet

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