Insect Killer machines can be Killed Mosquitoes

Insect Killer machines can be Killed Mosquitoes?

 wantrn Insect Killer Machine designed with upgrade high voltage grid - this dual grid portion easily trapped mosquitoes and insects 

How Do Electric insect Killer Machine Work?

insect Killer Machine has two main components –  ultra-violet tube bulbs and an electrified metal grid. As most flying insects are attracted to bright ultra-violet light, the bulb helps to entice the pests onto the electrified grid, which then vaporizes them on contact.

  • Result: Flies and insects Kills instant
  • Cleaning Ways: dead insect debris drops into a lower tray.
  • Maintenance: Yearly once we need to replace tube light for best performance.


  • Fly Catcher Attracts and kills mosquitoes, moths, and other flying insects
  • The insect killer machine ideal for indoor use, such as houses, factories, hotels, hospitals, cafe
  • The Insect Killer Machine used UV Philips Tubes and best attraction for flying insects

How much area insect Killer machine can be cover?

Depends on Model

  • 20W Model most recommend for home or small shop and coverage up to approx 200 sqft area
  • The model in 30W Series with size 1.5 Feet recommend for shop and commercial use coverage up to 300 sqft 
  • 2 Feet 40W Model is tightly recommended for Commerical use, like hotels, Bakery, Chicken Shop, industrial use, and cover-up to 400sqft 

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