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we recommended replacing UV lamps yearly once for the best result, in the market it's very difficult to find right accessories for replacing, you can buy all accessories from us, it's available on spare parts section

Raise a ticket to Service -Help desk there you will find instructions and demo videos are available

Recommend  Electric Insect Killer & Glue Pad Insect Catcher different  installation for the best result 

Insect Killer away from sources of direct light competition, such as windows, doors and most important distractions area should be avoid for the best result

Don’t install Electric insect killer near by food preparation areas minim 2 meter distance required, we recommended to glue pad model more safe for cooking areas 

Glue pad Insect Catcher units should be used in sensitive applications such as food preparation areas

The Purpose for killing House flies we recommend to keep unit on floor level for the best result

for Flying insects keep unit 3 meter height from ground level if you bought from other shopping sites then register the serial number on the warranty section

Shatterproof tubes offers more secure in sensitive areas by retaining broken glass pieces if the lamp is broken. 

ensuring that you can choose option normal tubes and Sleeved lamps for your requirement,

Shatterproof lamps should be installed food preparation areas

We recommend that glue pads are changed every 1 or 2 month once,Glue pads are easy to replace

Wantrn India's Leading manufacturer for insect catchers Since 2011 -We Offer

Body Parts-Accessories -Extended Warranty-Door Service Pickup -3 Years Buy-Back Coverage

you can configure product specifications based on your requirement

wantrn faq