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The benefits of using fly catcher glue pads for electric fly killer

fly catcher glue pad

Fly Catcher Glue pad Suitable for Spider Electric Fly Killer

The glue pad sheets suitable for the Spider Electric Fly Killer, as they are made with glue-based material.

Universal Glue Board Size compact for all 1.5 Feet Products

  • Fly killer glue board is made of high-quality material, the foam core and it is finished with a thin layer of non-toxic adhesive that sticks to the floor. It has a strong adhesive when wet and behaves like gummy glue in heat. Perfect for catching flies
  • Fly killer glue pads are glue boards that are used to control flies in the food production process.
  • Glue pads are used with our fly killer machines and will cover a large area of your house or office.
  • Glue pads are a must for making your fly killer machines work properly. 
  • These glue boards are designed to collect the flies that fall onto your sticky glue pad

Glue pad fly catcher effective way to control insect

 A glue pad fly catcher is an adhesive sheet used to trap flies and other flying insects. The pad is coated with a sticky substance that attracts insects, and once they land on it, they become stuck and unable to fly away. The glue pad fly catcher is typically used in homes, businesses, and other public spaces as a non-toxic and effective way to control insect populations. Some glue pad fly catchers are designed to be disposable, while others can be reused by simply replacing the adhesive sheet when it becomes full of insects.

A Pack of 15 black-colored adhesive pads for catching flies electrically, specifically designed for Spider electric fly catcher glue pads

Our Spider pad sheets pack of 15 quality standards, available in 2 color options. Yellow and black

Glue Board for Fly Catcher
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Glue Board for flycatcher machineFly Control board for Spider MachineThe fly catcher glue pad is a special pad that is used to catch flies. It is usually placed near a spider machine so that the flies can be caught and then removed from the area.The fly catcher glue pad is a special pad designed to ..
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