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Fly Catcher Glue pad suitable for Sticky model flycatchers

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Fly Catcher Glue pad suitable for Sticky model flycatchers 

Fly Glue Trap it's a Universal Size compact for all 1.5 Feet Size machines

  • Fly killer glue board is made of high-quality material, the foam core and it is finished with a thin layer of non-toxic adhesive that sticks to the floor. It has a strong adhesive when wet and behaves like gummy glue in heat. Perfect for catching flies
  • Fly killer glue pads are glue boards that are used to control flies in the food production process.
  • Glue pads are used with our fly killer machines and will cover a large area of your house or office.
  • Glue pads are a must for making your fly killer machines work properly. 
  • These glue boards are designed to collect the flies that fall onto your sticky glue pad

Model: GLPA01
Glue Board for flycatcher machineFly Control board for Spider MachineThe fly catcher glue pad is a special pad that is used to catch flies. It is usually placed near a spider machine so that the flies can be caught and then removed from the area.The fly catcher glue pad is a special pad designed to ..
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