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glue pad fly catcher

Fly Killer Machine
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Glue Pad Fly Catcher 

Brand: PCI Model: Spider
PCI SPIDER® Fly Catcher Machineinsect control systems are all completely safe, hygenic and economical and are built and approved.Wall Mount flycatcher machine it works 15W * 3 LampsIt's is ideal to trap house flies and flying insects from your home, bakery, kitchen, restaurant, showroom, malls, etc...
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ABF01C
A glue board fly catcher is an effective way to eliminate insects quickly and without any Sound or Smell.Glue pad flycatcher. It’s made of a non-toxic, safe material that catches flies without sound or smell. So you can use it anywhere in your home without having to worry about people being able to ..
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ABUP1
Glue Pad Fly Catcher Machine Control House Flies and Flying insectsThe flycatcher machine is a device that is designed to trap and kill flies. It is typically used in homes and other buildings to help keep the fly population under control.Innovative design uplight model insect catcher machine for ho..
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ABF01B
Insect Catcher Machine is a device that is designed to catch flies and other insects in your homeThe flycatcher machine is a device that is designed to trap and kill flies. It is a small, portable device that can be placed in any room in the home. It is powered by batteries and has a small fan that ..
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