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Top 6 Benefits of Insect Killer Machine

insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
Top 6 Benefits of Insect Killer Machine
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We make these Electric Insect killers to kill insects, of course! But we also make them help you keep your home clean and neat. You will benefit from our products in many ways

  1. No Smoke or Refill, UV Light attracts insects and kills them
  2. Dual Grid Layer help to trap small flying insects, there is no side effects
  3. Chemical and toxic-free pest defense and no harmful chemicals 
  4. it is the most cost-effective durable & reliable, Maintenance costs very less compared to spending money on other repellents
  5. Self Replacing UV Lamps helps to continue to use for a longer time and is easy to replace
  6. It is a high-quality product with good performance and a nice appearance, also it's easily removable cleaning tray

How Does It Change Insect Killer Machine Price?

  • Product price will depend on the coverage of the model. There are plenty of insect catchers in the market, so it is not easy to choose a perfect one. You also need to pay attention to other factors, such as Size, Coverage, Quality, and durability. Insect killer machine prices can be found by taking all of these factors into consideration.
  • For home use 16W and 30W Models are suggested, if you have a large area to cover it is better to choose the bigger model. For Commercial Use we recommend 40W 2 Feet models as they are more powerful

Here's A Quick Way To Solve the flying insect problem

 Insect Catcher Machine Quickly Control house flies and flying insects within a short period of time,

recommends for Homes Restaurants Hotels Offices 

  • Product safe for humans no side effects, stainless steel coated grid Layer inbuilt with wantrn bug zapper

Electric Fly Catcher overview

  • It is the best solution for all your problems with flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects
  • Mosquito killer lamp 30W Model Compact Size UV light
  • 1.5 Feet and Suitable for Home & Commercial use
  • This Insect Killer Machine can protect approximately 300 sq. ft. area
  • The unit can place a wall mount, Hanging, Floor Standing option
  • WANTRN is the Best Mosquito Killer Machine revolutionary smart insect-killing machine for any indoor and outdoor area. This clever device can kill all flies, mosquitoes, roaches, ants, centipedes, and other insects in minutes. It doesn't cause any harm to humans or pets.
  • Mosquito Killing lamp is simple and effective for use in hotels, houses, restaurants, and other commercial properties that experience infestations and/or large-scale insect control needs.
  • If you need any additional parts or accessories, please visit our website to purchase.
  • WANTRN insect machine is mainly used for killing house flies and other insects, such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, and various other insects. Safe for humans
  • Our electric insect killer is a double-sided unit. You can use one side to attract flies and then kill them by using the other side. It comes with a cleaning brush, and bulb, compared to powered electronic mosquito repellent act as a simple night lamp eco-friendly electronic led mosquito killer machine available in market 

Before placing an order, talk with our representative to determine which model of indoor Mosquito Killer Lamp will best suit your needs.

The Secret Behind How Electric Fly Killer Machine Works?

  • Get rid of mosquitoes, flying insects, and flies with the BeWilder UV light bulb. The dual electrical grid attracts insects into a high-voltage high-frequency electrical grid that's surrounded by UV light. The UV light kills the insects when they get too close to the grid or they touch themselves or their wings while flying - even if they don't realize it.
  • This high-voltage dual electrical grid attracts insects into a high-voltage zone where they are electrocuted. One of our best-selling UV bulbs
  • UV bulbs attract insects into a high-voltage dual electrical grid where the mosquitoes and flies are electrocuted. The light bulb and the wires are housed in protective plastic or product body part metal cage
  • When the flying insects see the UV light from the insect killer bulb, it enters the space in between the dual mesh grids. The insects themselves complete the electric circuit, and the voltage crosses the space between the circuits, instantly killing the insect compared led mosquito killer machines are capturing mosquitoes and very small insects if led bug mosquito killer machines to keep near air purifiers trap machine performance will be slow, best insect killer machine kills mosquitoes and flying insects

Get Better Results by following 12 Simple Steps

Where to Install Fly Killer Machine?

insect killer machine for restaurant

  1. Do not place the insect killer in direct sunlight.
  2. Do not place the electric insect killer near a heating or ventilating unit, under doors or over ducts or vents. 
  3. Do not install this product where there is excessive vibration, dust, packings or high humidity condition.
  4. when considering where to install Insect killer machines, there are some factors to consider which will help improve their performance and attract fly insect killer
  5. fly traps should try to place entry points nearby the door or window 
  6. Keep the unit at the Right height for the best result attraction recommended height is 2 to 5 feet from ground level
  7. Keep it away from sunlight and other heavy light sources it helps to attract mosquitoes and flying insects
  8. We recommended keeping the unit on the floor level, Electric mosquito-killer machine covers house flies
  9. For best food safety practice keep away from the directly above food-preparing area
  10. The product should not place nearby air curtains and avoid areas close to heavy airflow
  11. if the product keeps in the bedroom avoid nearby room heaters
  12. Strongly Recommends for food preparation and packing areas use only Glue pad Fly Catchers 


Flying Insect Killer Machine Live Video

Wantrn is the leading brand since 2011, offering the bug zapper,best mosquito killer machine for the home as per your need. We are committed to providing our customers with the excellent service that they expect and enhancing customer satisfaction.Fly insect killer machine price india wide ranges available at website

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Electric / Glue Pad Insects kills by Grid Layer
Volt 30W
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Product make by Aluminium + Metal + ABS Fiber Body
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Bought Machine for Home it's good they delivered item on time,

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