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We recommend 30W Model. It's the most popular insect killer machine price because of wide coverage, safe and fast killing capacity

insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
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insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
insect killer machine
How to Choose the Right Insect Killer Machine for Your Home
2 Extra Tube
Included Extra 2 UV lamps
1 Year Manufacturer ( except tube )
Configure Product
Option to Change transformer & UV Lamps
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  • Model: ABH30W
  • Weight: 3.00kg
  • Dimensions: 51.00cm x 10.50cm x 33.00cm
Advance payment required: 10%

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How Does It Change Insect Killer Machine Prices in India?

  • When it comes to purchasing an insect killer machine, there is a variety of models to choose from. In determining the cost of a product, it is important to consider the coverage, size, quality, and durability of the model. It is also helpful to research the prices of similar machines to ensure you get the best deal.
  • It is advised to use the 16W and 30W models insect killer suitable for residential applications; however, if a larger area is to be covered, the larger model is recommended. For commercial purposes, 40W 2 Feet models are suggested as they provide a larger area coverage.

Insect Catcher Machine 30W Model Video

Which voltage Electric Insect Killer Machine would be the most suitable for me to buy?

  • First, you must check the area of your bedroom and kitchen in order to select the  model according to its coverage. Therefore, installing the correct model in your bedroom or kitchen should work well.
  • If the bedroom and kitchen are less than 150 square feet, it is advised to use a 16 Watt model.
  • If the area exceeds 200 sqft, I would advise the 30W Model
  • If you are looking to install an Pest Killer in an outdoor area such as a garden, we suggest purchasing a HT transformer with excellent performance.
  • We suggest that HT transformer model will be a suitable choice for searching for either a cow farm or poultry farm.

The advantages of WANTRN Electric Insect Killer  compared to other brands.

  • 3 Years  Buy Back coverage 
  • Using a Copper type choke gives longer life.
  • Dual grid layer technology help to trap small flying insects
  • You can configure the product components - such as which brand tubes, single or double layer catching system, and transformer volt.

Most Important Service Benefits

  • Extended warranty offers on products
  • Doorstep Pickup Service Available - Fee applies
  • If your product has any broken parts within a few days of use, we offer body parts
  • We provide all all mosquito killer spare parts for the future in our accessories section, so you can purchase whatever is needed.
  • Customer can track product warranty on our website - search by product serial number and find product warranty status  Customers can check the warranty status of their product on our website - search by product serial number to view the coverage details.

We make these Pest Killer Machine, of course! But we also make them help you keep your home clean and neat.

You will benefit from our products in many ways  

Tired of pesky insects buzzing around your home? If you're looking for a fast and effective way to get rid of them, then investing in some flying killer machines is a great solution. 

What are the factors to look for while buying an indoor insect killer?

  • When buying an indoor fly killer, it is important to look for factors such as the size of the machine, the range of effectiveness, and the type of insect it targets. You'll also want to consider the level of maintenance required and the price in India. A highly effective machine at a reasonable price with low maintenance should be the ultimate choice

Fly Killer Machine for Home - Restaurant - Hotels - Offices

  • Product safe for humans with no side effects, the unit is using high-quality ultraviolet light
  • Electronic insect machine suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Explore Ultra Effective Electric fly killer for home

  • The 30W Model Compact Size of 1.5 Feet can effectively protect an area of up to 250 square feet.
  • It has an economical design with a removable tray at the bottom for easy cleaning.
  • This unit can be used as a wall mount, hanging, or floor standing with the included hanging

Before placing an order, talk with our representative to findout which model of indoor Mosquito Killer Lamp will best suit your needs.

The Secret Behind How Insect Killing Machine Works?

  • The dual electrical grid is designed to attract insects into its high voltage electrical grid, which is surrounded by UV light. This UV light is effective in eliminating pests, as it kills them when they come into close contact with the grid or make contact with their own wings while flying.
  • To ensure the best results, we recommend using the FSL Brand Ultravi UV bulb, one of our best-selling products.

How to use an indoor fly killer in a restaurant or hotel setting?

  • In a restaurant or hotel setting, it is important to place the fly killer in an area that is not easily noticeable to customers, but is still effective in attracting and killing flying insects. The machine should be placed in an area where it will not be disturbed and should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Get Better Results by following 12 Simple Steps

 Where to Install Pest o Flash ?

<a href=insect killer machine" style="width: 430px; float: right;">

  • Do not place the unit in direct sunlight. product away from strong light area
  • Do not place the unit near a heating or ventilating unit, under doors, or over ducts or vents. 
  • Do not install this product where there is excessive vibration, dust, packings or high humidity condition.
  • when considering where to install pest catchers, there are some factors to consider which will help improve their performance and attraction
  • The unit should try to place entry points nearby the door or window 
  • Keep the unit at the Right height for the best result attraction recommended height is 2 to 5 feet from ground level
  • Keep it away from other heavy light sources it helps to attract mosquitoes
  • We recommended keeping the unit on the floor level
  • For best food safety practice keep away from the directly above food-preparing area
  • The product should not place nearby air curtains and avoid areas close to heavy airflow, keep the product away childerens play area using high voltage current runs through electrified metal grids for fly control 


Flying insect catcher Live Video ultraviolet bulbs to attract insects and flies - Review  

Instructions for changing the bulb in a flyer killer

  • uv tube for fly killing machineReplacing a UV bulb with a insect catcher is simple and straightforward. First, turn off the power to the unit by unplugging it or flipping the switch on the power outlet. Next, open up the unit and identify which light bulb goes with your specific model of pest killer

  • how to replace uv lamp in <a href=insect killer" style="width: 260px; float: right;">The bulb should have a wattage clearly visible on it. You may need to unscrew some of the screws holding in place certain components in order to access the bulb. Once you have identified and unmounted the old bulb, replace it with a new one of equal wattage as indicated on the label. Finally, screw everything back into place and turn on the power to test if everything works correctly again. With these simple steps, you can easily replace your UV tube with a pest killer without any complications.

What is the suggested duration for changing ultra violet light?

  • It is advised to replace UV bulb every 8-10 months for optimal results. If bug activity appears to have decreased before the 8-10 month period has ended, it is recommended to replace the tube at that time. To avoid forgetting the time of replacement, it is recommended to track the initial installation date of the lamps. FSL Brand is high-quality ultraviolet bulbs


How to Choose the Right Size and Shape of an Insect Killer Blue Tube Light?

<a href=insect killer blue tube light" style="width: 276.042px; height: 198.516px; float: right;">

  •  Insect killer UV tubes are generally cylindrical in shape and Size 1 Feet, 1.5 Feet, 2 Feet

  • A 10W lamp that is suitable for 20W equipment has a size of 1 foot; a 15W lamp that is suitable for 30W machinery measures 1.5 feet, and an 18W lamp that is compatible with 40W apparatus has a size of 2 feet.


 If you're interested in purchasing spare tubes, Please click here

If insects are not being killed efficiently, how can one assess the performance of the transformer?

  • When it comes to replacing the transformer in a pest machine, is a simple process. First, verify if the transformer has malfunctioned and if so, replace it with a new one. After the transformer is replaced, check if the shock is functioning correctly and if not, then take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

  • If the transformer has been replaced and flying insects are still not being killed, then further inspection of the pest catcher machine may be required to identify any faulty wiring or connections that could be causing the issue. If further troubleshooting proves unsuccessful, a professional should be consulted for additional assistance.


How to clean Pest Control Machine?

  • To clean a bug zapper, you should start by unplugging the unit and removing any dead insects.

  • Using a plastic brush is the most effective way to remove dust, dirt, and debris from the unit. To clean the outer surface of the zapper, use a damp cloth and then use a brush to get into the crevices around the grid of the zapper.

  • Once you have finished cleaning, make sure to dry off any moisture before plugging it back in. If there are no insects stuck inside, you can now turn it back on and enjoy its insect-catching capabilities once again.

An ultra-effective way to control house flies use electronic flying insect killer offered

16W Model suitable for home - 30W Models for hotels and office 

Explore more categories in the Wantrn - Pest Killer Machine price starts Rs 3390/- and Electric fly catcher price in India Starts 4290/-

  • At Wantrn, India's leading and best insect catcher machine manufacturer and importer, we have an extensive range of mosquito killers, including electronic repellents, glue pad sheets, glue pad machines, electric pest control machines, and insect control glue boards also available for food processing areas and hospital usage glue pad insect catcher is recommended best location for the placement 2 meters away from the wall

Is there a Philips insect killer machine available on the market?

  • The Philips fly killers is not available in the market as the company is not manufacturing them. Some companies are using Philips tubes and Starters to manufacture electric fly killers and promoting them as Philips fly killer machine, mosquito killer machine for home we recommends 16W Model is compact for bedroom use 

In the food industry or restaurant, a bug zapper fly catcher is essential 

Electric fly catchers are the most effective way to catch and eliminate flies in restaurants. For open areas such as garden and front area, electric shocking models are recommended as these can cover a larger area and be more effective,  For AC dining areas and food processing units soundless sticky glue pad models are recommended as these do not make any noise. Sticky glue pad models should be changed regularly to ensure maximum effectiveness. electric fly catcher must for hospitals

The flying insect killer machine that effective way to control insect and kill mosquitoes. It is particularly best usage for use in dairy, bakery, canteen, fishery, and pharmaceutical environments. Additionally, the fly trap is chemical free machine and a highly effective machine for getting rid of flies.

Compare between an electric bug zapper and a fly trap with glue pads. 

Electric insect killers use ultraviolet light to attract insects, which are then electrocuted by an electrified grid. Glue pad fly catchers, on the other hand, use a sticky adhesive surface to trap flying insects.

Here are some differences between the two types of machines:

  • Efficiency: Electric insect killers are generally more efficient at catching insects than glue pad fly catchers.
  • Noise level: Electric insect killers can make a buzzing sound as insects are electrocuted, while glue pad fly catchers operate silently.
  • Maintenance: Glue pad fly catchers require regular replacement of sticky pads, while electric insect killers require occasional cleaning of the electrified grid.
  • Safety: Electric insect killers must be used with caution around children and pets due to the risk of electric shock, while glue pad fly catchers are generally safer to use.

Overall, electric insect killers are more effective at catching flying insects, but can be more expensive and require more maintenance than glue pad fly catchers. Glue pad fly catchers are more cost-effective and require less maintenance, but may not be as efficient at catching large numbers of insects.

In 2023 - Top Best Electric Mosquito Killer Machine -  Machhar Marne Ki Machine

Machhar Marne Ki Machines, also known as Mosquito Killing Machines, are equipment or devices designed and developed to kill flies and mosquitoes.

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Tubes 15W * 2
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Weight 3.2
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Electric / Glue Pad Insects kills by Grid Layer
Volt 30W
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Product make by Aluminium + Metal + ABS Fiber Body
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Performance is Good, item was delivered on time staff is dedicated person

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Bought Machine for Home it's good they delivered item on time,

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