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    Mosquito Killer Machine - Insect Killer

    Now Dual Grid Technology  

    Improved fast Killing deadly Mosquitoes - insects - Houseflies

    Facts behind Mosquitoes - Insects - Flies

    Spring and summer are combined with many beautiful and wonderful new items that live in our barnyards. Nevertheless, these seasons also usher in many pests--mosquitoes being undesirable flies, ticks, fleas, and lice--that can make our livestock and animals miserable, play a role in infection, and reduce manufacturing. 

    use chemicals for pest control, but there are lots of difficulties with their usage, particularly if you are attempting to raise stock that is natural. Insects can develop resistance to pesticides with time, making them less effective. In addition, you can find the possible part that is toxic to chemicals, and many of us are wanting to exclude or reduce them from our environment, our meals and our water. 

    Expert Says - about Mosquitoes

    Fly Killer Machine is effective way to control houseflies

    If there are approximately 3200 species of mosquitoes worldwide

    we think mosquitoes are more attracted to blondes and babies 

    co2 mosquitoes are attracted to body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale

    female the life span of adult female mosquitoes varies from few days to several months

    male adult mosquitoes usually online live few days

    mosquitoes can fly up to 14 miles for blood meal but usually. stay within about a mile

    when we hear a mosquito buzzing sound, we are probably hearing the female. males don't drink blood, so they are probably not around you. the female wings beat at a higher pitch than male's

    How to Stop Mosquito Bites, Using Mosquito Killer lamp

    We are the manufacturer of the Insect Killer Machine

    3 Steps for reducing Mosquitoes at your home

    Step - 1 -  Eliminate Mosquito Breeding area 

    Dispose of all containers which hold water (cover or put holes in them).

    Keep fishponds stocked with fish keep edges of ponds and drains clear of grass

    Keep Swimming pools full and properly maintained

    Screen Rainwater tanks and ensure guttering is not holding water

    Empty pot plant drip trays once per -weak or fill with sand

    Maintain drains so water can flow away (2 — 3 days)

    Step - 2 Use Mosquito Machine Chemical Free Solution  

    insect killer machine.Use the Best Electric Mosquito killer Machine it's protect inside the home.

    but need self protection most important

    House screen all doors and windows should be self-closing and open outwards use screen tents

    Use Electric insect mosquito killer machine to attract mosquitoes and kills them instant 

    Step 3 - Location recognize

    Location Recognize and avoid areas at high mosquito activity eg large shallow vegetated swamps salt marshes   

    Gaint Eyes on Houseflies  

    The giant eyes cover most of its head, Flies can be found in a variety of this is certainly large reasons plant life this is certainly including soil, decaying natural matter, liquid, on various other pets and a lot of regarding general public health, in meals for personal consumption. Flies are believed a pest due to their capability to transfer conditions such as salmonella, dysentery, and hepatitis through their bodies that are hairy of their flexibility between waste ( natural or human being) and preparing food areas

    The antenna picks up smells and sounds and wind movements.

    A fly can walk on roofs and slippery surfaces.

    Helps prevent nails and sticky hair from falling out at the ends of the feet.

    House flies sense smells and air movements.

    It's hard to swat a fly because an enemy sneaking up changes the airflow, which the fly can sense

    Control Houseflies it's too dangerous    

    Flies tend to order Diptera. The fly’s capability is certainly amazing you shouldn't be swatted comes largely through the advantages of their particular two wings. Worldwide, you can find over 150,000 species of flies, ranging from the small moth flies, which are real to their moth-like appearance to their name;to the larger blowflies and flesh flies, conspicuous inside their look and tasks. In india, there are several flies, dispersing across the nation as a result of favored conditions by that is climatic types.

    Order Diptera Flies have become extremely worldwide this is certainly successful they usually have the ability to take advantage of an enormous variety of food sources. Most flies must liquefy their food, and according to the fly, this could be through external’ that is puddling of meals origin with a spongey mouthpart; or perhaps in predatory flies, through the shot of a piercing mouthpart into the food source. 

    Fly Killer Machine can be used to attract mosquitoes 

    Do you Searching for Electric Mosquito Killer

    5 Things to Check before going to Buy

    Type - Size - Coverage

    In the market, we find a lot of Pest Control Machine light how to choose the right one

    • you Prefer Electric Shocking & Glue Stick Catcher!

       2 Type of insect killer machine electric Shocking model and Glue Pad Fly Catcher Choose

    • How you planning placement!

      Do you prefer - Wall mount - Floor Standing or hanging, we offer a free-hanging Chain.

    • do you need a metal floor stand!

      if you require a floor stand for your product we can offer a stand.

    • How much area need to cover?

      Products we have wide range models,20W Model can be cover up to 200 sqft, 30W - 300sqft, 40W-400Sqft area

    • Do you need installation 

      we can offer door installation service - Plug - Play Models also available with us  

    What're Benefits you get from Manufacturer 

                                                                       Compare Benefits - Here

    Top 4 Reason to Choose WANTRN your Partner for Insect Killer Machine

    Best Mosquito Killer for Home in India

    Mosquito Killer lamp price

    Based on Size and Coverage of Model

    mosquito killer machine for home.

    Mosquito Killer Machine for Home & Hotels indoor-outdoor use

    Best Mosquito Killer for bedroom

    • Size 1.2 Feet - 1.5 Feet
    • Recommended Model 20W, 30W
    • Coverage area 200 Sqft & 300 Sqft
    • Maintain Part: Yearly once need to replace tubes
    • Product Placement: Wall Mount - Free Standing - Hanging Option
    • Easily removable tray design - Hanging Chain offered 

    Mosquito Killer Machine Price find here for Home 

    Fly Killer Machine for Hotels & Commercial

    • Size 2 Feet
    • Recommended Model 40W Model 
    • Coverage area up to 400 Sqft
    • Maintains: Yearly once need to replace tubes
    • Warranty: Except tubes, all parts will be cover under Warranty
    • Product Placement: Wall Mount - Free Standing - Hanging Option 

    Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp find here for Commercial > 

    fly killer machine.

    2021 Electric Insect Killer light dual Model benefits it's best mosquito killer in India

    Pest Control Machine is Easily Control flying insects

    Instead of buying an electric Shocking Model Insect Killer or Glue Pad Fly Catcher - Just go for Dual Model 1 Machine dual work suits for home insect killers without using harmful chemicals

    • Works like normal Electric Insect Catcher Machine
    • on-off Switch for disable shocking mode and convert for glue pad sticky mode
    • Switch on Mode - Machine works without any sounds - insects catch on glue pads
    • Glue pads can be replaced as per your need
    • Spare Glue boards are available on our website
    • Used by Philips brand Actinic tubes gets good coverage and electronic led mosquito killer also available , our most new model suitable for home office eco friendly baby mosquito insect models available amazon sale , for baby mosquito insect repellent models coming on this year, model perform eco friendly electronic led and usb powered led mosquito killer lamps and 2021 new electronic led mosquito killer machine trap, electric mosquito repellent these 2 upcoming models in wantrn  

    find product details Dual Model >

    insect killer machine.

    Pest O Flash - PCI authorized Dealer

    offering lowest Price mosquito light Pest o Flash Machine

    • Pest O Flash 2T Standard Models - 30W
    • Pest O Flash 2T-Lite Model - 30W
    • Pest O Flash 4T Model - 60W
    • Spider Glue Type Model 
    • Spider Lite Model

    Find models on this link PCI Models >

    Flying Insects traps on electric fly killer

    Mosquito Catcher & Protect from unwanted insects

    Annoying flying insects are fact of our life, but that doesn't mean we have to avoid them on right way. By using right insect killer machine  installing in the right locations they can be controlled and we can avoid them

    Insect control machine are are two types of, Glue pad sticky type or electric shocking . The Phillips uv light in the flycatcher machines attract the insects, which are then trapped on an sticks on glue pads or electrocuted when they touching an internal dual grid, its depending on the model you have choose

    These electric pest killer machines are provide protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week against a variety mosquitoes and houseflies, insect and pest control machine most effective way to control insects and bugs

    Best Mosquito Killer Machine for Home

    protect your home from Houseflies mosquitoes | high-voltage and dual grid technology electric fly killer machine acts as a powerful attractant, kills mosquitoes and houseflies, gnats, wasps and other flying and biting insects upon contact | products can be suitable indoor and outdoor use

    Three ways you can place flycatcher machine on your location | premium attractive design allows you to hang the unit via provided ring and chain or wall mount | floor standing, electric insect killer most recommends for kitchen, cafeteria, restaurant, bakery, Hotels Industries

    Philips UV light | ultraviolet technology lures and zaps mosquitoes and houseflies for quick, humane kills, both day and night| long-lasting Philips UV lamp are used for best result and long life of tubes, indoor use electric model recommends and its maintenance cost very less 

    Easy removable cleaning tray designed for mosquito trap machine | innovative premium design insect killer, zaps and collects small and large insects within durable clog-proof grid | simply take out the removable tray and clean the device within 2 mins

    insect killer machine designed plug and play model  it's really helpful for initial use of product | electric flycatcher machine designed for home use | glue pad insect killer machine designed for food industry segments

    Compare Glue Pad Insect Killer and Electric Mosquito Killer

    Glue pad insect killer machine use UV light to attract flying insects into to the unit, and uses a glue sticky board to retain the mosquitoes and houseflies. As the flying insects are caught and retained whole, glue board fly killers are ideal for more safe and easy to replace glue pads.

    Glue pad fly catcher machines are completely sounds free, smell free, debris free and pollution free when compared to the traditional fly killers which traps the insects by using electrical HT 2.5KV transformers which burns the flying insects when it touches on the grill.

    The glue pad based mosquito killer machines kills insects in a natural way.

    electric insect killer machines are producing little sound when insects are touching on grid plate which never happens with the glue board fly killers. 

    The Best Performance depends on the placement 

    Where to Place UV Light Bug Zapper

    Room Size & Coverage 

    Mosquito Killer Machines offer wide area coverage capacity, often rated in metres squared. This is actually the room that is maximum that the insect killer can run efficiently in if the fly killer is put in the middle of the area. In the event that space exceeds the maximum coverage area, you will need several fly killer to make sure protection that is sufficient.

    Recommended area for Fly Catcher Placement

    Far from other sources that are light as insects are drawn to bright lights, fly killers could be less efficient if they are contending along with other light sources

    Above doors: the positioning that is ideal your fly killer ought to be involving the probably point of entry and the food. Consequently, simply inside and above doors is typical, 

    Height : The average height that is flying of is around 5 to 8 legs (1.5-2.5 metres). Positioning the system only at that height maximizes its effectiveness

    Not above food prep or areas which are dining depending on the size or sort of pest, some may ‘explode’ on impact. This will be called blow away. As such, its essential fly killers aren’t positioned pest debris could anywhere fall into food

    Above doors: the positioning that is ideal your fly killer ought to be involving the probably point of entry and the food. Consequently, simply inside and above doors is typical, 

    Benefit's for Fly Killer Machine

    Most Effective Eco-Friendly Machine - High Voltage Metal Grid. Electric Shocking Model is most effective model for home and hotels use. Glue pad models recommend for food industries use attract and kill flying insects

    Power Consumption We recommended for Home use Model is 20W and 30W - Commercial Hotel use standard Model 40W to power uv tubes

    Product Efficient to kill Bees Product we used philips actinic uv lamp for best result attract bees and flies also

    Important Tips to Follow 

    Reduce Houseflies and insects within 2 Days

    Reduce Waster For food businesses being many it certainly really helps to have waste compactor in lowering volumes of waste. Less food waste means less flies. Use grade that is commercial bags and tie them tightly to conceal organic matter from insects.

    Remember to place filled bags straight to outside containers.,In case your bins that are outside close tightly, get them repaired.

    The effectiveness of your fly killer varies according to its environment that is surrounding plus. However, there are many methods to maximize its effectiveness and minimize the true number of flies in your premises.

    Take away your waste from kitchen : any meals that is leftover even trace amounts entirely on packaging could be attracting flies, therefore if possible try to keep your containers far from the foodstuff prep areas.

    Clean the room : an cleansing that works well will make your space less attractive to flies. This should consist of your equipment, paying attention to the spaces underneath and behind your appliances. Routine cleansing also helps you to lessen the odds of other bugs such as for instance rats and mice.

    How to Replace the tube light on mosquito Killer Lamp

    Mosquito Killer Machine Not Working - How to Fix problem ? 

    Common issue on Electric Insect Killer

    Mosquito lamp lights not working Properly - Flickering always 

    Check tubes - Corner side of tubes, any black shade appear of tubes corner sides

    Make sure starter fitted properly 

    Remove both tubes and fit back it again

    you can replace the defective parts easily - Buy New Parts available with us - Click Here 

    How to repair Mosquito killer light

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