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Brand: WANTRN® Model: ABH30W
We make these Electric Insect killers to kill insects, of course! But we also make them help you keep your home clean and neat. You will benefit from our products in many waysNo Smoke or Refill, UV Light attracts insects and kills themDual Grid Layer help to trap small flying insects, there is no si..
Ex Tax:4,890.0
Brand: WANTRN® Model: SL30
This machine is designed to help you catch flies in your home quickly and efficiently. It has a powerful suction motor that can quickly capture flies from a distance, and it also has a built-in trap door that ensures the flies stay inside the machine until you're ready to release them.Pest Control M..
Ex Tax:4,790.0
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ANX42BH
Top 5 Benefits of Mosquito Killer MachineSmokeless, no irritating odor, environmentally friendlyNo Chemical - Harmful Chemical free Low-Cost MaintenanceHarmless to the human body. Has a protective case to prevent accidental contact by people or petsFast Capturing in electric mosquito killer mac..
Ex Tax:4,790.0
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ABF01C
2 Major Parts to Glue type insect killer?Ultraviolet Blue UV tubes - attract flying insects and mosquitoes, house fliesSticky Glue board - attract flying insects that get stuck on the glue pad15W * 2 UV Lamps Size of unit 1.5 Feet How effective is Electric Fly Catcher?Glue board Fly Killers are de..
Ex Tax:5,490.0
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ABUP1
Insect Catcher Machine Control House FliesThe fly catcher machine is a device that is designed to trap and kill flies. It is typically used in homes and other buildings to help keep the fly population under control.Innovative design uplight model insect catcher machine for home and commercial useThe..
Ex Tax:4,490.0
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ANX100
There are many fly killer machines in the market, but not all are equally effective. For this reason, it's important to consult experts before making a purchase. We have experienced personnel who will recommend a suitable model based on your requirementsWe are providing a custom fly killer machine t..
Ex Tax:0.0
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ABF01B
The fly catcher machine is a device that is designed to catch flies and other insects in your homeThe flycatcher machine is a device that is designed to trap and kill flies. It is a small, portable device that can be placed in any room in the home. It is powered by batteries and has a small fan that..
Ex Tax:5,290.0
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ANXSL40
This pest killer machine is effective for fliesThe pest killer machine is a device that helps to control flies and other pests in an area. It works by emitting a high-pitched sound that is only audible to pests, which drives them away. This machine can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces, and ..
Ex Tax:0.0
Brand: WANTRN® Model: FLYSH40W
Commercial Fly Killer MachineAn electric fly killer machine is a device that uses electricity to kill flies. These devices typically have a wire grid that is electrically charged, and when flies come into contact with the grid, they are electrocuted. Fly killer machines can be used in both commercia..
Ex Tax:5,490.0
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ANX05A
Fly Killer Machine for HotelsWantrn Electric flykiller machine is custom made optionConfigure fly killer capacity and performance based on your requirement How to Configure Flykiller Product!Choose Which Brand UV insect Lamp?Choose How many UV tubes are required?Select Transformer type and increase ..
Ex Tax:7,690.0
Brand: JSK Model: 10W
Insect Killer Tube Light      1 Feet Model 10W ( Suitable for 20W Model Machine )UV tubes are used in electric fly killer machines to attract and kill flies. The UV light emitted by the tubes attracts flies, and the machine then electrocutes them.Insect killer tube lights are a great ..
Ex Tax:290.0
Brand: PCI Model: POF 2T
Pest o Flash is a professional and safe pest control product designed to kill flying insects It kills flies, and moths, which makes it more effective. Pest o flash provides an immediate positive result with fewer collateral effects on the environment.It is also used in the commercial placeIt is..
Ex Tax:8,590.0
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