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The Ultimate Guide to Using Pest O Flash for Flying Insect Killer Machine
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Advantages of Utilizing the Pest o Flash Machine for managing flying insects in your hotels and cafes

The Pest o Flash Machine is far superior to any other most of the most commonly used. It scientifically proven effective product can control flying insects like mosquitoes, flies and also spiders in hotels and also in cafes in India. The Pest o Flash is useful for home and also in restaurants. The Pest o Flash machine is an electrical flying insect-control system that is highly effective and is mainly used as the mosquito killer machine in all over world. The Pest o Flash can be placed at any corner of the hotels or restaurants near the entrance or can be placed in outside seating area to attract & kill.

There are many leasing companies in the Indian industries to take money from people but Pest o Flash is the most powerful electronic mosquito killer machine suppliers in India. The Pest o Flash Machine is very usable to repellent mosquitoes in also in Flies. The Pest o Flash has the attractive colors. By having this machine we can easily attract many kinds of flying insects so the pest o flash is the good and the powerful insect killer by the using of electricity. Electric/Mosquito Trap is the single most important consideration when trying to keep rooms of a home or house free from flying insects through the year. The PCI approved technology can control pests without any harmful chemicals so it is very useful for the people.

Another benefit of using the Pest o Flash Machine is that it improvers a more safe working environment compared to the traditional way of catching and trapping flying insects with the use of harmful chemicals. jobs that are using traditional way would have to remove people or pets from the area first located then spray all the chemical in to the area then once it has dried is safe to make the employees/ pets to come back into the areas.

Pesto flash insect killer for Hotels

The Pesto Flash Insect Killer perfect pest elimination solution for hotels is provided by the PCI. It has a covering capacity of up to 300 square feet. It comes in two colors, black and white. It has high-quality make and a one-year warranty. PCI 2T product uses Normal UV lamps and Shatterproof tubes. It has an optional hanging facility to facilitate convenience in installation. It is priced at 8950/-. It offers same-day service.

Model MRP Size  Placement Warranty
Pest O Flash 2T 8950 1.5 Feet Floor Standing & Hanging 1 Year

How Pest o Flash Tube Light Works

When using a Pest o Flash Tube Light, the UV light emitted attracts insects towards the device. As the insects come into close proximity to the light, they are killed by a shock delivered by the light. This method of attracting and eliminating insects is not only effective, but also environmentally friendly as it does not involve the use of harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Pest-O-Flash Insect Killer

The Pest O Flash Insect Killer offers various advantages, namely its extraordinary pest control capabilities. It's designed to control pests very effectively. This includes flies, mosquitoes, and all other flying insects. It helps to keep all your living and working areas free of annoying and dangerous insects, consciously protecting you from potential diseases and bacteria that can be carried by insects. Pest O Flash Insect Killer is user, environmental, and animal friendly. It is harmless to people but deadly for insects and flies.

What is a Pest-O-Flash Glue Pad?

Pest-O-Flash Glue Pad functions as a spider-like machine and works as a fly catcher by trapping insects on its adhesive pad. It is incredibly innovative and has a sleek three-tube model that ensures maximum catch and coverage. The significant benefit here is that it operates noiselessly and odorlessly and can be installed in various places without causing any disturbance. This spider-like machine is equipped with an adhesive pad which captures flying insects once they are trapped inside. A spider-like machine can detect and capture flying pests effectively due to its sophisticated techniques. It is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a non-toxic and environmentally friendly way to control flying pests inside their house or store.

3. How to Use

Step 1: To effectively use the Pest O Flash 2T machine in a hotel, first determine the areas where pests are commonly found or suspected.

Step 2: Once you have identified the target areas, place the unit in a location that is easily accessible but out of reach from guests and staff.

Step 3: Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to set up and activate the Pest O Flash 2T machine. 

Step 4: Monitor the unit regularly to check for any pests that have been captured. Replace UV Lamps as needed and relocate the unit if necessary to maximize its effectiveness in controlling pest infestations in the hotel.

What is Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine and How Does It Work?

The Pest O Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine is the first electrical flying insect-control system introduced by PCI. It utilizes advanced technology and non-toxic UV light to attract and trap flying insects effectively. The machine is available in India and online, offering a reliable solution for pest control.

Pest-O-Flash is a pest control product that helps eliminate common Flying Insects. It is designed to be effective against insects like houseflies, and flying insects. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for safe and proper use of Pest-O-Flash.

 How does work?

The Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine is the first electrical flying insect-control system introduced by PCI. It utilizes advanced technology and non-toxic UV light to attract and trap flying insects effectively. The machine is available in India and online, offering a reliable solution for pest control.

Area covered by the flying insect killer machine ?

The Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine covers a significant area, providing comprehensive protection against flying pests. With a wide coverage range, the machine is suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments.

Benefits of Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine

The Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine offers exceptional effectiveness in pest control, targeting and eliminating many kinds of flying insects. Its ability to attract and trap pests makes it a valuable tool for maintaining a pest-free environment.

 Indoor and outdoor use of flying insect killer machine

This electric insect killer machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing versatile pest control solutions for various settings. Whether used in residential or commercial spaces, the machine ensures effective pest management.

Warranty and product details

The Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine comes with 1 year warranty coverage and comprehensive product details, ensuring customers' peace of mind. With its reliable performance and durability, the machine offers an economical and long-term solution for flying insect control.

 Features of Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine

 Components and technology used in the flying insect control system

The flying insect control system of the Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine incorporates advanced components and technology to enhance its trapping efficiency. The machine's innovative design ensures reliable operation and lasting performance.

Tube and watt specifications in the electric insect killer machine

The electric insect killer machine utilizes specific tube and watt specifications to optimize its attraction and trapping capabilities. With a focus on energy-efficient operation, the machine delivers exceptional performance while minimizing power consumption.

Attract and kill mechanism of the flying insect killer machine

The Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine employs an attract and kill mechanism, leveraging non-toxic UV light to lure and eliminate flying pests. This approach ensures a safe and effective way to manage pest infestations without the use of harmful chemicals.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine

Frequent maintenance and cleaning of the insect catcher

Frequent maintenance and cleaning of the insect catcher are essential to ensure the machine's optimal performance. By keeping the catcher free from debris and insects, the machine remains effective in its operation, providing long-term pest control solutions.

Low power consumption and UV tubes longevity

The Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine is designed for low power consumption, promoting energy efficiency without compromising its effectiveness. Additionally, the longevity of the UV tubes ensures sustained attraction and trapping of flying insects, contributing to the machine's economical operation.

Where to Buy Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine by PCI

Availability in India and online

The Pest-O-Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine is readily available in India and online, offering convenient access to this innovative pest control solution. Customers can easily procure the machine to address their specific pest management needs.

Discover the Pest o Flash Price and get it delivered to any location in India.

The Pest-O-Flash 2T from PCI Brand is an excellent flying insect killer. This model has a wall mount option and a floor-standing option, making it incredibly versatile. It also comes with two powerful UV lamps   The Pest-O-Flash 2T is easy to install and maintain, with minimal effort required to keep it running smoothly.

The unit is medium size around 1.5 feet in length, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether at home or in the office, this flying insect killer will provide reliable pest control. With its advanced technology and efficient design, the Pest-O-Flash 2T is sure to provide effective protection against all types of flying insects. 

We offer all over India the best quality fly killer models and spider models at the lowest prices. We provide customers with a great selection of options to choose from and guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and efficiency. With our unbeatable price points, you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Our professional team is always available to help customers make the right choice for their needs, so feel free to contact us anytime for more information or assistance in finding the perfect product for your needs.

How do Setting up your Pest o Flash?

Just follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. It’s handy and easy to use.
  2. follow the instructions in the manual
  3. The Pesto Flash is a great way to It's also handy and setting up simple too

Pest O Flash Unboxing Video


These fly killers are the best you can buy with us

Anxon offers Pest o Flash buy online and get-door delivery

Pest o flash light available in 2 colors 

Models 2T Model Black and white colors

Pest o Flash Price based on quantity

We offer the best price in the market

Pesto flash tube light available at lowest price

Philips Brand 15W UV Lamp cost is 430/-

Factors Influencing Pest O Flash Price the two available models: 2T and 4T

The Fly Killer Machine 2T Model is a must-have device for individuals and businesses looking to maintain a pest-free environment. This machine is specifically designed to eliminate flies, which can be a major nuisance and a source of diseases. The device uses ultraviolet light to attract the flies and then kills them instantly by electrocution. insect Killer 2T Model is easy to clean and maintain, with a removable tray that collects dead pests for convenient disposal

Quality and Features: In evaluating the cost of the Pest O Flash, it is critical to contemplate the product's quality and features. This device is an effective solution for managing flying insects and should be long-lasting and dependable. For indoor utilization, the color and structure of a trap is of additional note because of how important it is.

Price : Pest o Flash 2T Model Price is 8490/- and colour options available at white and black

Brand Reputation:  A well-known and trusted brand all over india

Maintenance And Care Tips For Your Pest-o-flash Flying Insect Killer

Firstly, make sure to clean the device regularly to remove any dead insects and debris. You can use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the surface and a small brush to clean the internal components. Also, remember to replace the UV bulbs annually to ensure optimal performance.

Lastly, store your Pest-o-flash Flying Insect Killer in a cool and dry place when not in use to prevent any damage. By following these simple maintenance and care tips, you can guarantee that your insect killer will continue to keep pesky flies and mosquitoes at bay.

Pest O Flash Spare Parts & Repair What to Look For

Quality and durability of spare parts: When looking for spare parts for your Pest O Flash device, it is important to ensure that you are purchasing high-quality and durable components. We can offer branded UV lamps, transformers, and chokes that are designed to last and provide reliable performance.

Where to purchase authentic Pest O Flash spare parts: To guarantee the authenticity and effectiveness of the spare parts for your Pest O Flash device, it is recommended to purchase them from a trusted source. Get in touch with us at ANXON 7871703000 and we are able to provide delivery to your doorstep.

Blue UV Lamp 15W Philips brand: One specific spare part that we offer is the V Lamp 15W from the reputable brand Philips. This UV lamp is designed to attract insects effectively and can be easily installed in your Pest O Flash device.

Finding Reliable Pest O Flash Suppliers & Dealers in Chennai and Coimbatore

If you have been looking for a Pest o flash 2T Model Supplier, dealers in chennai or best Pest o Flash Glue Pad you must call us at Anxon as we are one of the best supplier and dealers in both chennai and coimbatore.

If you are looking for the latest Pest o Flash 2T Model or need to stock up on Pest o Flash Glue Pads, ANXON has it all. We carry a large variety of different products to ensure your home or business location is pest free. 

Euring that there products are both suitable and will have a long life span. You will also receive excellent customer service from the team at ANXON. If you are not sure which products are right for you, then the team are more than happy to provide you with assistance and recommendations. The prices for the products at ANXON are fantastic and unbeatable.

The Pest O Flash Flying Insect Killer Machine by PCI is an innovative solution for controlling flying insects in both indoor and outdoor spaces. This electric insect killer machine is designed to attract and eliminate various types of flying pests, providing an effective and non-toxic method for pest control.

Tubes 15W * 2
Electric / Glue Pad Insects kills Electric Shocking
Volt 30W
Sort by Product Coverage Approx 300 Sqft area
Option Floor Standing - Hanging
Product make by Metal Body

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