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India's leading insect killer machine brand WANTRN Since 2011

04 Dec
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What are the benefits of installing an Electric Fly Killer Machine - how to use a flying Insect Killer Machine for a restaurant to avoid mosquitoes and bugsInstalling a Fly Killer Machine is a great way to protect your shop, hotel, or other commercia..
07 Nov A Powerful Mosquito Killer Machine for Home
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Electric Mosquito Killer Features Save your home from Mosquitoes with this high-voltage metal grid device. It uses UV light to attract and kill mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other flying insects. It is safe for people and pets, with a mesh screen to ..
30 Oct Which is Best Fly Trap Machine
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Are you looking for the best fly trap machine? find the market-leading brand of flycatchers in India, look for WANTRN. Here you will find a list of the most affordable, efficient, and powerful machines that can catch even a thousand flies at one time..
16 Oct
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3 Powerful Tips To Choose Right Fly Killer MachineFew Things to Check Before BuyElectric fly Killer MachineTYPE - SIZE - COVERAGEin the market, we find a lot's electric fly killers how do choose the best An effective way to Kill House flies, Bug..
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