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How to Choose the Right Fly Catcher Machine for Your Needs?

each model having seprate coverage, for example you hotel has 400 sqft area we recommends 40W model 2 feet size, for below 300 sqft are you can prefer 30W model 1.5 feet size, for larger area looking we have 80W model

When choosing the right lighting solution for your space, it's important to consider the size and coverage of each model available. For a hotel with a 400 sqft area, the recommended option would be the 40W model with a size of 2 feet. If the area is below 300 sqft, the 30W model with a 1.5 feet size would be more suitable. For larger areas that require more lighting, the 80W model is the ideal choice. Each model is designed to provide specific coverage based on the size and needs of the space, ensuring that you have the right amount of light for your requirements.

insect killer machine in Pondicherry

Where to Find the Best Insect Killer Machines in Pondicherry?

We suggest utilizing an electric fly killer machine for hotels and cafe open-air locations, while for enclosed areas such as air-conditioned dining areas, we recommend using a glue pad-based flycatcher machine that operates quietly and does not generate any odors.


• Electric fly killer machine is recommended for open area locations.

• Glue pad based fly catcher machine is recommended for closed areas like ac dining area.

• Both machines are silent and odorless, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for customers.

• For the best price on these machines in Chennai, contact our sales team today.


Who are the Leading Manufacturers of Fly Killer Machines in Tiruppur?

WANTRN offers a wide range of electric fly traps and bug killers for homes and hotels in Coimbatore. Next-day service is available in Kanniyakumari, Tiruppur, and Pondicherry, making it quick and easy for customers to get their products. With the most competitive prices, we strive to ensure that everyone can afford our products. These traps are excellent for getting rid of those annoying insects and flies and are essential for controlling pests in your home or hotel. 

Our selection of electric mosquito killers has a wide variety of models, with prices ranging from 3690-14850/- rupees.

WANTRN Offers Onsite Service for Fly Killer Machine All Over Pondicherry and Tirupur

WANTRN offers onsite service for electric fly killer machines all over Coimbatore and Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. WANTRN ensures that your home or business is free from flying insects. We offers spare parts for fly catcher machines, including UV light and insect killer tube lights to keep your space bug-free.

Whether you are located in Pondicherry or any other neighboring area, Our professional technicians are available to provide top-notch service for your electric fly killer machine. Don't let flies and other insects ruin your environment - trust WANTRN to keep them at bay with their effective pest control solutions.

Electric Insect Catcher recommends for Hotels

Electric Mosquito Killer Machine is a must-have for hotels looking to control flying insects effectively. When choosing a supplier for these machines, it is important to verify that the equipment is of high quality and provides reliable results. It is recommended to place the mosquito killer machine in the front entrance area of the hotel to effectively avoid direct sunlight and keep it away from distractions.

Fly insect Trap service provided in the city of Kanniyakumari.

Electric fly killer service is now available in Kanniyakumari city, offered by WANTRN. The service charge for this electric fly killer service is Rs 300/-, making it an affordable option for residents and businesses in the area.

UV Tube Lights for killing insects are offered at affordable prices: 10W for 280/-, 15W for 320/-, and 18W for 355/-.

Pest O Flash Same Day Delivery available at Kanniyakumari

We can arrange same day delivery for pest o flash 2t Model price starts 7890/- with 1 year warranty, for glue pad model also available in pci price starts 11290/-