How to Select the Best Insect Killer Blue Tube Light - Pesto Flash Light?

insect killer tube light

Factors to Check before Purchasing UV tube for Pesto Flash

A. Lamp Size
B. Lamp Voltage
C. Lamp Type - Normal UV Lamp or Shatterproof 
D. Price of tube
E. Brand

 Insect Killer UV Tube Light for Fly Killer Machine

1. How does work ultraviolet tube?

Insect killer tube light are the primary way to effectively attract to flying insects. The ultraviolet lamp emits light at a wavelength of between 200 and 400 nanometers

2. Advantages of using a Mosquito killer UV Tube light

First, the lamp emits only ultraviolet light, which is harmless to humans and animals

3. Disadvantages of using UV Light?

electric fly killer uv light has a limited time life, and needs to be replaced once in a year   

The two types of insect killer tubes on the market are

UV tube and Shatterproof tube

Here are the specifics of each product.

uv light and shatterproof tube

The two types of ultraviolet tubes available are UV lamp and shatterproof tubes. UV bulbs emit light in the ultraviolet range, which is typically used for disinfection and purification purposes. Shatterproof tubes are designed to be more durable and less to breaking than traditional UV bulbs. They are mostly used in areas where there is a risk of accidental breakages, such as laboratories or swimming pools.

What is a Shatterproof tube?

Shatterproof tubes are a type of packaging used mainly for storing and transporting items that require extra protection. They are very strong and resistant to breakage, making them ideal for many applications including medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, laboratory chemicals, food items, cosmetics, industrial products and more.

These lamps are usually made from thick plastic materials such as polypropylene or polyethylene which provide superior strength and durability. In addition to offering superior protection against breakage, this bulb can also protect contents from moisture and dust.

Identifying when an Electric fly catcher lamp is not functioning properly

- Common signs of a malfunctioning

- Not killing flies as efficiently as it used to

- Flies still congregating around the area

- Lights flickering or dimming/not lighting up at all

Troubleshooting techniques to identify the source of the problem


- Check for dust on the lamp housing

- Inspect power cable for any damaged/lose connections

How to Replace UV Light

How frequently replace the insect killer tube light?

The lamp can use for a period of 10 to 18 months, based on how often it is utilized.

Pest o Flash Tube light Price?

wattage options of 8W, 10W, 15W and 18W. The cost will vary depending on the voltage.

Best Place to Buy?

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fly killer tube light price

What type of UV lamp is required for a tube uv pesto flash light?

insect killer tube light for pesto flash 2T Model that operates with 15W voltage, and also the same model in spider design.

Philips insect killer blue tube available ?

  • The two most common sizes for insect killers tube light pest o flash light are Actinic 15W 1.5 feet and 18W 2 feet. Electric insect and mosquito eradication units are available in 30W and 40W models
  • We offer a shatterproof replacement light for all Spider Electric Fly Killer Machines. This light is more protective both indoors and outdoors.
  • The market offers a wide variety of electrical insect, mosquito and pest traps. These include the Pesto Flash and Spider Electric Killer, Blue Tube UV Pesto Catcher and Major Electric Insect Traps. Each machine is equipped with a flash and spider electric fly light.
  • Insect Killer Tube Light 18W Size 2 Feet most commonly used for electric killer light for Hotels and Cafe
  • price of philips insect killer UV 18W 2 feet cost we can offer 220/-
  • buy philips insect killer bluer 15W Volt for PCI Spider Machine

This is an overview of the Insect Killer Blue Tube Light, outlining its usage and specifications.

  • tube light for all major electric insect and mosquito killer machines are used in hotel kitchens also suitable for restaurant

  • Verify the tube light specification or description because wide type of machine available in the market the right size and volt need to confirm before buying uV light
  • Check the details of the tube light in detail because there are various kinds of machines available on the market. It is essential to make sure that you're getting the correct size and voltage before purchasing a uV light.
  • UV tube light for insect killer Major Brands Philips, Osram, Narva
  • Insect killer blue tube lights typically emit light at 365 nanometers (nm)
  • insect killer tube light 10W model suitable for 1 Feet machine 20W Model