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UV Tube Light for Pesto Flash Machine - Philips Ultra Violet Lamp

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UV Tube Light for Pesto Flash Machine - Philips Ultra Violet Lamp
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 2 Feet Standard Electric Insect killer Machine featuring a 2-foot-sized 18W Ultra violet tube.

The 18W UV tube lights for the 2 feet fly killer machine are excellent for attracting flies and other insects. This insect killer ultra violet tube emits ultraviolet light in the quality range of 380 to 420 nm. The wavelength of the ultraviolet tube attracts various insects towards it, making it an ideal choice for fly killers. The 18w uv light is a common 2 feet UV tube light that is relatively easy to replace when needed. 

insect killer blue uv light for fly killer.jpg" style="width: 324.516px; float: right; height: 324.516px;">Insects are naturally drawn towards light, and these lights provide an ideal environment for attracting them while not harming humans or animals. The 18W UV tube light has a longer lifespan and is cost-effective. It operates in low power consumption, making it ideal for long-term usage. This fly killer machine is a perfect choice for home, office, or other commercial areas.

Philips UV Tube Light T8 18W is 2 Feet Length

Explore Philips UV Tube Light actinic bl 18W is commonly available in a 2 Feet length. It is always recommended to check the product specifications before making a purchase. we offers range of products with reasonable prices for philips tuv . Philips tube light offered durability

How does attract ultraviolet lights attract insects

Ultraviolet (UV) lights are known to have the ability to attract insects. These lights emit a spectrum of wavelengths that are especially appealing to flying insects such as moths, flies, mosquitoes, and even beetles. These insects rely heavily on their vision to navigate their environment, and the unique properties of the UV rays make it easier for them to recognize and approach light sources such as bulbs, lamps, and electronic devices. Once they are attracted to the light, insects will fly towards it

Discover a Wider Range of Explore More Categories from Top Brands such as Philips UV Lights and Osram Ultraviolet Tubes.

Wantrn explore more product frequently occurring 1 feet size machine requires an 8 watt bulb, while a machine that is 1.5 feet in size necessitates a 15 watt bulb, and a 2 foot machine requires an 18 w watt bulb.most common brand is FSL, Osram, Philips we deliver all over india

Most Recommend and Effective uv lamp philips tl 18 W bulb - UV tube light 2 feet size recommends for 40W Fly Catcher Machine

Philips TUV 18W T8 ultra violet is one of the most recommended and effective UV lamps.

Replacement UV Tubes
Find Suitable Size 40W Machine

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