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Brand: Philips Model: BH-E01
Suitable for Standard Model 30W, 40W..
Brand: Philips Model: PARTS -01
S2 Starter for Electric and Glue Pad Models - works for Copper Ballast ..
Brand: Philips Model: 18W
 2 Feet Standard Electric Insect killer Machine featuring a 2-foot-sized 18W Ultra violet tube.The 18W UV tube lights for the 2 feet fly killer machine are excellent for attracting flies and other insects. This insect killer ultra violet tube emits ultraviolet light in the quality range of 380 ..
Ex Tax:260.0
Brand: Philips Model: 15W
Philips uv light Philips UV Tube LIght1.5 Feet Model 15W ( Suitable for 30W & 45 Model Machines )..
Ex Tax:295.0
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