Discover how an Electric Fly Catcher Machine operates.

It's time to begin taking advantage of the The Glue board Fly Catcher for home

  • This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a flycatcher machine with a glue pad.
  • Glue Pad Fly Catcher Machines are a great way to catch flies. They are discreet and relatively low maintenance, which makes them a great choice for hotels and restaurants.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use a glue pad fly catcher machine in your restaurant or hotel:

1) It eliminates insects without any noise or odor.

2) It’s easy to replace glue pads

3) The glue pad is disposable and lasts 2-3 weeks before needing replacement.

4) You can buy replacement pads in 70/- or 120 depending on how many insects you want to catch at one time.

5) It's effortless to set up - Plug and Play type

It is recommended that food industry utilize fly catchers instead of electronic mosquito killer. It is important to understand the distinction between the two.

  • Glue pad insect killer suitable is suitable for food industry, factory and warehouse. It is safe to use in the food environment without risk of contamination. The sticky paper attracts bugs and they stay glued until they die
  • Flycatcher is recommended for food packing area, processing area and other non-food areas. it's safe
  • Electric bug killer, it's will be blasted and it's will come out of the unit, may be dropped near foods, glue pad models insects are stick on the pad so it's safe.

Compare electric fly killer machine and insect catcher pros and cons

 electric fly catcher

Electric flying insect killer machine - Pros

flying insect killer machine offered to use powerful high voltage electrified metal grids rear current to kill insects. They are very effective in killing bugs and do not require any kind of bait or chemicals. The product can be used and installed at the best location indoors as well as outdoors nearby doors or windows area

Cons of an electric fly killer:

They can be quite noisy, especially if you have a large house with many rooms. They also require electricity to operate, which isn't always available when needed (e.g., during power outages).

Glue Pad FlyCatcher Review


- Easy to use, just stick it on the wall or window

- Safe and non-toxic glue is used, no harm to kids or pets

- Effective at trapping mosquiteos: Glues are sticky enough to trap even large insects such as mosquitoes. insects are especially prone to being caught on these devices       because they're often found in large numbers around windows or doors where they can enter your home or office space easily.

- Easy installation: You don't need any special tools or skills

- ultraviolet bulbs to attract insects to draw in insects, with no noise or odor, and eliminate them.


You need to plug it into the wall. You need to change the glue pads on a regular basis.

Electric Fly Catcher Product Video 

Top 3 Reasons To Buy A Glue Pad flying insect catcher

1. Cost-effective way to catch flies

2. Insect Killing without any electric shocking

3. Environmentally friendly solution work without sound or smell

Explore to buying glue pad fly catcher for home

  • Glue pads are an ideal way of controlling insects in the food and beverage industries. Glue pad fly catchers have adhesive pads that attract, trap and kill unwanted bugs.unit is using high-quality ultraviolet tube for the best coverage

  • There are lots of types of insect traps; electric, glue pads, flying insect zappers are used in hotels and office … But the Glue Pad Catcher has no competitor in terms of effectiveness. Also, the production costs are very low. After installing this trap, there will be no more complaints about mosquitoes. You won't even notice those nasty insects any more. And best of all, it can kill all the insects without noise or foul smell. Simply put a piece of paper on top of the pad and wait for the bugs to get stuck!

What is the cost of a fly catcher machine?

Glue boards are a very effective tool for catching flies, but they are not cheap. The price will vary depending on the size of the board and if it is pre-baited or not. The average cost of a glue board is between Rs 4590/- to highly effective industrial models starts 6590/-

What is the best price for glue boards?

The best price depends on what you are looking for in your glue board flycatcher. If you want something that catches hundreds of flies at once, then consider getting an ultra-large glue board. These can cost up to Rs 90/- each,

Ideal location for installing a flycatcher machine.?

best place for install flycatcher machine

1. In the living room, kitchen or family room

2. Outside the house: If there are many bugs in your house, then you can install it outside the house. There will be fewer bugs inside the house if your family members use it frequently outside.

3. On the wall: You can also hang it on the wall so that you can use it whenever you need it. However, in this case, you need to be careful about its location because you don't want to hurt yourself with this device!

4. Approximately one and a half meters away from the wall from ground level.

Examine how insects are ensnared on the adhesive board.

How often should a glue pad be replaced in order to maintain optimal performance?

Glue pads are the part of insect control that catches flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. The glue pad is made of special material which can stick on flies easily. It is usually located at the top of the machine so that it can catch flies in a wide area.

how to replace glue board on fly catcher machine

If you want to replace your pad, you may follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn off the power supply before you remove the cover.

Step 2: Remove screws on both sides of the cover with a screwdriver. Remove it carefully and take out the glue pads as well as other accessories inside.

Step 3: Choose a new glue pad and put it into place carefully. Make sure that no dust or dirt gets into the machine during this process.

Step 4. Slide off the old glue pad and discard it carefully, taking care not to touch any of its adhesive surfaces with your fingers or allow it to come in contact with anything else until it can be disposed of properly.

Step 5. Insert the new glue pad into its frame, making sure that all four sides fit securely against each other without wrinkling or shifting out of place.

How do I safely remove the UV lamp?

In order to keep your glue board fly catcher machine working properly, it is necessary to replace the ultraviolet lamp every six months or so. This will ensure that your machine continues working as well as possible.

Step 1: Turn off power to the unit at the breaker box or fuse box.

Step 2: Remove all of the screws holding down the top panel of your bugscatcher machine with a screwdriver or Allen wrench, depending on what type of screws hold it down (if applicable).

Step 3: Pull off top panel from unit and set aside somewhere safe where it won't get lost or damaged.

Step 4: Locate UV lamp inside unit and remove from housing by unscrewing two screws holding it in place with a screwdriver or Allen wrench (depending on what type of screws hold it in place)

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