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The Best Glue Pad Fly Catcher Reviewed

Glue Pad Fly Catcher Machine Control House Flies and Flying insects

  • The flycatcher machine is a device that is designed to trap and kill flies. It is typically used in homes and other buildings to help keep the fly population under control.
  • Innovative design uplight model insect catcher machine for home and commercial use
  • The flycatcher machine is a device that is placed in restaurants to help catch flies. It uses a sticky substance to trap flies and other insects, preventing them from landing on food or surfaces.
  • The Insect Catcher Machine is a great way to keep your home free of insects. This machine uses a unique suction system to capture insects and then release them into a container. This machine is safe to use around children and pets, and is a great way to keep your home free of unwanted insects.

Model Insect Catcher 15W
Choke TypeElectronic
UV LampPhilips 
Construction Material Metal body
Catching trayIncluded
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor / Outdoor
Insect Trap MechanismGlue Pad Sticky
Transformer 1 Year Warranty
No of Lamps1 Lamps
Product Size ( CM )L50 * H30 *W11
Weight2.7 KG
Mount TypeWall-Mounted

Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
Return Period10 Days Money Back
Repair FacilityAvailable
Extended WarrantyAvailable
Buy Back3 Yr Coverage
Track Warranty OptionYes Available 
Plug Point5 AMP
Wire Length1.5 Meter
Spare AccessoriesAvailable
Body PartsAvailable
Glue Pad1 no include
ColorHalf Grey
Mount TypeWall-Mounted

Filter by Warranty
Warranty Period 1 Year
Sort by Number of Tubes
Product Used by 1 Tube
30W Model 15W * 1 Lamps
Electric / Glue Pad Insects sticks on a glue pad, it kills without electrical shock or sound
Sort by Product Coverage 200 Sqft
Option Wall Mount Model
Product make by Metal body powder coated

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