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Mosquito Killer Machine Price based on size and coverage of model

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Select the Right type for Electric Fly Killer

best fly killer for home

For residential applications, it is suggested to get a 16W or 30W electric mosquito killer machine

It is recommended to use a 16W or 30W electric mosquito killer for home use that has a hanging option available.

This device is easy to install and maintain, and it’s also one of the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your home.

For hotel and restaurants, it is suggested to use a 40W Model for extended area coverage.

This model is ideal for large spaces, such as offices and warehouses, as it emits a bright light that covers a wide area. It is also energy efficient and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for businesses.

insect killer for home

Explore the efficiency of indoor-outdoor Mosquito Killer

The price of a mosquito killer machine varies depending on its size. Generally speaking, the cost of a normal UV tube is less expensive than a shatterproof tube which is recommended for the food industry. With different sizes and prices available, customers will be able to find the right machine that fits their needs and budget.

Brand: WANTRN® Model: ANX05A
When purchasing a fly killer machine from the local market, the options available are often standard and ready to use. However, Wantrn company offers a unique service to customers by allowing them to customize product configurations based on their specific requirements. This includes the ability to ..
Brand: JSK Model: 10W
Insect Killer Tube Light      1 Feet Model 10W ( Suitable for 20W Model Machine )UV tubes are used in electric fly killer machines to attract and kill flies. The UV light emitted by the tubes attracts flies, and the machine then electrocutes them.Insect killer tube lights are a great ..
Ex Tax:0.0
Brand: PCI Model: POF 2T
Discover the Pest o Flash Price and get it delivered to any location in India.The Pest-O-Flash 2T from PCI Brand is an excellent flying insect killer. This model has a wall mount option and a floor-standing option, making it incredibly versatile. It also comes with two powerful UV lamps   ..
Ex Tax:8,850.0
Brand: FSL Model: 18W
 2 Feet Standard Electric Insect killer Machine featuring a 2-foot-sized 18W Ultra violet tube.The 18W UV tube lights for the 2 feet fly killer machine are excellent for attracting flies and other insects. This insect killer ultra violet tube emits ultraviolet light in the quality range of 380 ..
Ex Tax:380.0
Brand: FSL Model: 15W
Philips uv light Philips UV Tube LIght1.5 Feet Model 15W ( Suitable for 30W & 45 Model Machines )..
Ex Tax:370.0
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