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Wantrn Is leading brand for Insect Killer and mosquito killer manufacturer in India, electric fly killer, Glur board fly catcher machine many more 

Brand: WANTRN® Model: ANCA-H50
3 Pin Power Cable Mains Cord for Suitable for Electric and Glue Pad Models..
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ANLT-H20
Lamp Holder for Suitable for Electric and Glue Pad Models..
Brand: WANTRN® Model: BD-E02
Suitable for Standard Model 30W, 40W..
Mosquito killer manufacturer Mosquito killer manufacturer
Recommend 30W For Home
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ABH30W
How Does It Change Insect Killer Machine Prices in India?When it comes to purchasing an insect killer machine, there is a variety of models to choose from. In determining the cost of a product, it is important to consider the coverage, size, quality, and durability of the model...
Brand: WANTRN® Model: FLY-ME-40W
How Electric Mosquito Killer Lamps Can Help Hotels Keep Guests Safe and ComfortableThe 40W Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp can be an essential tool to keep hotels free of pesky insects. To effectively use the lamp, it should be placed in areas where mosquitos and houseflies are most likely to gather, ..
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Brand: WANTRN® Model: SL30
This machine is designed to help you catch flies in your home quickly and efficiently. It has a powerful suction motor that can quickly capture flies from a distance, and it also has a built-in trap door that ensures the flies stay inside the machine until you're ready to release them.Pest Control M..
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ABG01A
Top 5 Benefits of Mosquito Killer MachineSmokeless, no irritating odor, environmentally friendlyNo Chemical - Harmful Chemical free Low-Cost MaintenanceHarmless to the human body. Has a protective case to prevent accidental contact by people or petsFast Capturing in electric mosquito killer mac..
Brand: WANTRN® Model: ABF01C
A glue board fly catcher is an effective way to eliminate insects quickly and without any Sound or Smell.Glue pad flycatcher. It’s made of a non-toxic, safe material that catches flies without sound or smell. So you can use it anywhere in your home without having to worry about people being able to ..
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