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Best Fly Killer Machine with Dual Side Coverage

Best Fly Killer Machine with Dual Side Coverage

  • An electric fly killer machine is a device that uses electricity to kill flies. These devices typically have a wire grid that is electrically charged, and when flies come into contact with the grid, they are electrocuted. Fly killer machines can be used in both commercial and residential settings, and they are an effective way to control fly populations.
  • Searching for commercial purposes go for 2 Feet Models for the best results
  • in market we can find box type fly killer machines, wantrn offers premium ranges with more good looking fly killer machines also it's high build quality
  • Build with Strongest Aluminum Construction and Metal boor, a Wide coverage design gives maximum exposure to UV lights and attracts a good range 
  • Commercial models using 18W UV lights and size is 2 feet, maximum wide rang attraction for flying insects

Model Mosquito Shooter Pro
Choke TypeCopper Type
UV LampPhilips 
Construction Material Aluminum - ABS Fiber
Catching trayIncluded
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor / Outdoor
Insect Trap MechanismElectric
Transformer 2 Year Warranty
No of Lamps2 Lamps
Product Size ( CM )L60 * H340 *W11
Mount TypeWall-Mounted, Freestanding, Hanging 

Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
Return Period21 Days Money Back
Repair FacilityAvailable
Extended WarrantyAvailable
Buy Back3 Yr Coverage
Track Warranty OptionYes Available 
Plug Point5 AMP
Wire Length1.5 Meter
Spare AccessoriesAvailable
Body PartsAvailable
Grid typeDual-Layer
Service PickupAvailable
Mount TypeWall-Mounted, Freestanding 

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Warranty Period 1 Year
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