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Learn how to efficiently utilize the 40W Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp for bug and insect control in hotel settings.

mosquito killer lamp
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Learn how to efficiently utilize the 40W Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp for bug and insect control in hotel settings.
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How Electric Mosquito Killer Lamps Can Help Hotels Keep Guests Safe and Comfortable

  • The 40W Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp can be an essential tool to keep hotels free of pesky insects. To effectively use the lamp, it should be placed in areas where mosquitos and houseflies are most likely to gather, such as near open windows and doors, or in darker corners of the room. Turning off other sources of light during the night, except for the lamp, can increase its effectiveness. 

  • It is recommended to turn the lamp on a evening time for the mosquitos to be attracted to the light and killed. It is also important to regularly clean the lamp and replace the bulb to ensure optimal performance.  keep windows and doors closed to prevent new mosquitos from entering the room. By following these simple guidelines, the 40W Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp can provide a better night's sleep for guests in hotels.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Insect Killer Lamp Light

mosquito killer lamp

A. Size of the room

B. Placement of unit

C. Durability of lamp

C. Product Coverage

D. Maintenance and cleaning

D. Availability of spare parts

Product Specifications

  • Model : 40W
  • Transformer : 2.5HT Transformer
  • Lamp : 18W*2

What factors affect the pricing of Mosquito Killer Lamps Price in India detail overview?

The cost of a Indoor mosquito killer lamp is determined by the coverage area, with the 16W model starting at a best price of 3890/- and going up to 80W. There are four lamp models available with varying coverage areas. electronic outdoor type also available for home and shop

Get rid of insects and flies using the HT transformer Mosquito Killer - Keep away from insect-free  industry and hotels 

Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp in 2 Models 40W and 80W

  • 40W HT Mosquito Killer Machine control flying insects range 300 square meters, recommend for food industry harmful solution for control mosquitoes.led mosquito killer trap easy to useand it's suitable for bedroom use, Wantrn offers quality mosquito repellent buy online

  • The 30W bug zapper has a wide coverage area and features a dual-layered grid that effectively captures kill mosquitoes

  • Get led mosquito killer lamp machine online, wantrn offers a payment option of cash on delivery. 30W standard model it's easy to use plug and play 

  • Discover and get mosquito killer lamps at discounted prices on Wantrn. We offer a wide range of models suitable for use in homes and restaurants.

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