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Top 5 Benefits of Mosquito Killer Machine

Top 5 Benefits of Mosquito Killer Machine

  1. Smokeless, no irritating odor, environmentally friendly
  2. No Chemical - Harmful Chemical free 
  3. Low-Cost Maintenance
  4. Harmless to the human body. Has a protective case to prevent accidental contact by people or pets
  5. Fast Capturing in electric mosquito killer machines compare to other small mosquito traps

Which is the best mosquito killer machine for home

Recommended Model 18W Model and 30W Model

⚫ A powered electronic lamp also doubles as an electronic fly insect killer. It is not a mosquito repellent but can be used like an insect killer machine. eco-friendly electric fly killer act as a night lamp

⚫ eco-friendly electronic led mosquito killer machine available with wantrn

How Does Mosquito Killer Lamp work?

⚫ The mosquito killing lamp uses UV light to attract mosquitoes, flying insects, and mosquitoes into the device and zap them with the high voltage dual layer electric grid

⚫ The coverage area of this electric insect killer is up to approx 200Sqft. Protect indoors - outdoors such as lawn, gardens, living rooms

⚫ Designed to prevent people and pet from accidental contact, Place it on a corner side room and keep away from ceiling fan airflow

⚫The electric mosquito killer method attracts and kills mosquitoes, flying insects, and other similar flying insects. Easy to use, Plug and play mode

⚫ Wall mountable. Can be hung and can freestanding

⚫ Equipped with collection tray for easy collection & cleaning

⚫ With UV blue light to attract mosquitoes and flies

⚫ Mosquitoes and flies are killed by the high-voltage power grid

⚫ To improve the hunting effect, place at a height of 1.5m to 2m high

⚫ Avoid placing it to direct exposure to sunlight and in front of fan to avoid strong wind

⚫ no irritating odor, environmentally friendly

⚫ Suitable for home, office, restaurant, hospital, school, chicken farm, or any commercial use

What is the best way to kill mosquitoes at the night?

  1. Switch on the mosquito machine on around 6 clocks and turn off the bedroom light, during dark area mosquitoes and small insects will be attracted well
  2. The electric insect killers should be kept away from distracting areas
  3. The best attractive action mosquito lamp must be placed in a dark area for the best attraction
  4. Unit placement is preferable so as to avoid being more lightful areas that would nullify the product performance
  5. Avoid placing the appliances near light-colored walls Keep the unit at a suitable height (1 from floor level) for best results.
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