3 Powerful Tips To Choose the Right Fly Killer Machine for Restaurant 

fly killer machine

Few Things to Check Before Buy

Fly Catcher Machine Price based on


in the market, 

in the market, we find a lot's electric fly killers how do choose the best

    7 Tips for Buying the Most Effective Fly Killer Machine

  1. Consider your needs: First, you need to decide what type of machine you need, Do you prefer a Killing Machine or Catcher Machine ?
  2. Look for Benifit: What type of mesh grid using for the best result Looking for Single Layer or Double Layer grid ?
  3. Coverage of Product: Consider how much area you need to cover
  4. Type of Placement : Floor Standing - Wall Mount - Hanging
  5. Location: Make sure that it is placed in an area where it won't be disturbe
  6. Maintenance: Spare parts availability for future replacement
  7. Check reviews: Research online reviews from customers who have purchased and used them.

The most important after-sale service is the accessibility of Spare and body parts to ensure one's purchase decision is sound.
Locally, it can be difficult to find in local market

After-sales support is one of the most important aspects to consider before making a purchase decision. The availability of spare parts and body parts is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the product. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find the right accessories in local markets. It is therefore important to confirm that such items are available before making a purchase decision. This will save time, money, and effort from having to search for after-sales support elsewhere.

An effective way to Kill House flies, Bugs and flying insects problem can control with an

Ultra Effective Bug zapper suitable for homes - restaurants - hotels - offices use

3 Types are available in the market

Electric Fly Killer

Glue Pad Fly Catcher Machine

Mosquito Trap

electric fly killer

  • Insect control machines are three typesGlue Board sticky type or electric shock, or suction trap. The glue pad models, which are then trapped on a stick-on glue pad, and the transformer model electrocuted when they touch an internal dual grid, it's depends based on your area
  • fly killing machines are producing sound when insects are touching on-grid plates which never happens with the glue board fly killers

Do You Know How To Find Out the Difference Between

Electric flying insect Killer Machine - Flies Trap and led Mosquito Trap Learn to know

  • Insect Killers work with high-quality ultraviolet bulbs light attracts mosquitoes and insects trapped with dual grids and kills them by shock, and the killer model electrocuted when they touch an internal dual grid, it depends based on your requirement. mosquito killers are producing sound when insects are touching on-grid plates which never happens with the glue board fly killers

  • Glue board Sticky Model - The glue pad models, which are then trapped on a stick-on glue pad, Glue pad flycatcher machines are completely sound-free and smell-free, it works without any spray no smell, and has no side effect

  • Led Mosquito killer traps emit carbon dioxide that people and animals produce when they breathe, which mosquitoes sense. Once it's inside the attractive device suddenly they are trapped and captured and killed by vacuums

Compare Electric Fly Killer and Glue Pad Insect Catcher

flyer killer machine

Electric Fly Killer 

  • fly killer machine are electrical devices that use high voltage to electrocute flying insects. They have a ultra violet light source that attracts the insects, and when they come close, they get an shock which kills them. fly zapper can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the size of the unit.


  • An fly zapper is a great option for insect control. It is suitable for areas such as restaurants, kitchens, and other places where there are a lot of insects. This machine works by using ultraviolet bulbs to attract flies and other insects. The electrical charge kills them instantly, so it's an effective way to get rid of pests quickly. 


  • The fly catcher creates an current grid that attracts the insects and when they come into contact with it, they are electrocuted. As the insects die on the mesh grid, these devices make a buzzing sound that can be heard from a distance. This sound is made by the electrical current from the grid interacting with the dead insect's bod

Fly killer machine for home

  • The price of the unit depends on its coverage area and starts at 3490 rupees for residential use and 4490 rupees for commercial use. It is an effective way to get rid of troublesome flies without having to resort to chemical solutions.

Glue Pad Fly and insect killer Machine

Glue pad insect fly catcher machines

  • A glue board flycatcher is a device used to trap flies and other flying insects. It consists of a board coated with a sticky adhesive material, which flies become trapped in when they come into contact with it. Glue board flycatchers are usually placed near food sources, such as garbage cans or compost bins, to prevent flies from entering those areas. They can also be used indoors but should be placed away from children and pets as the adhesive can cause skin irritation if touched.

Electronic fly catcher Pros

  • The glue board flycatcher is a great solution for food processing areas. It is a highly effective fly killer that uses glue pads to catch and trap flying insects. The device has a simple design, consisting of two main parts – the base and the glue pad. This makes it easy to install and use in any food processing area.

  • The glue pad mosquito killer works by releasing a powerful adhesive that traps the flies on contact. The trapped flies are then disposed of when the glue pad is replaced with a new one. With its efficient operation, the flycatcher machine helps to keep food processing areas free from pesky pests


  • The Glue Board Fly Catcher is a device that uses sticky glue boards to trap flying insects such as flies. While this device can be effective in reducing the number of flies in a given area, it also has its disadvantages. For one, the glue boards need to be replaced regularly; otherwise, they risk becoming ineffective due to dust or other debris clogging up the sticky surface


  • It offers three models – 15W, 30W, and 45W – that range in best price from 3390 to 5490. The 15W model is suitable for light use and is the most affordable option, while the 30W and 45W models are more powerful and provide more versatility for heavier uses. recommendations for hotels and offices,food processing units, operation theatres, canteen, showrooms,club, dining halls must for hospitals

Case Study for Control insects without any side-effect

fly killer machine for restaurants

  • Hotels - The bakery has set up Electronic Fly killing Machine is manage to kills mosquitoes and other flying insect insects.

  • The grid type machines generate will quickly trap and zap any flying insects that come into contact with it. As such, it provides a good solution for controlling flies in commercial areas where food is prepared or served. 

  • The most significant area to place the product for satisfactory results - Consult with the support team to determine the best location for your needs.safe for home

The Double-Sided Coverage Model Fly Catcher Machine: Maximizing Fly Control for Larger Areas

The double-sided coverage model fly catcher machine is designed for larger areas. having front and back side 2 door and 2 pads it's hanging option it can cover wide larger area compare single side normal machine

Maintaining an Glue Pad Fly Catcher is very easy!

glue pad for insect killer

  • You need to make sure that you regularly check the glue boards for debris, as well as replace them when needed. It's also important to inspect the lamps, making sure they are working properly and providing enough light for the flycatcher to be effective. 
  • It's also important to make sure that the glue boards you use are of good quality so that they last longer

How does a Fly Catcher work?

  • When the flying insects see the UV light from the pest catcher uv bulbs, it enters the space in between the dual mesh grids. The insects themselves complete the power circuit, and the voltage crosses the space between the circuits, instantly killing the insects,Our unit is using high-quality UV tubes. safe for homes

How do I clean and maintain Electric fly killer ?

  • Cleaning and maintaining your electronic fly killer machine is important to keep it working effectively. Here are some steps to follow: 1. Turn off and unplug the machine before cleaning. 2. Remove the outer casing and the collector tray. 3. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the interior and exterior of the machine. Be careful not to damage any wires or parts. 4. Use a soft brush or vacuum to clean any debris or insects from the grill and the collection tray. 5. Wash the collection tray with soap and water, rinse and dry thoroughly. 6. Replace the collection tray and outer casing. 7. Plug in the machine and turn it on to test it.

Are flying insects attracted to Ultraviolet light?

  • research says Fly Killer tube lights emit Ultra Violet radiation at 345 or 370nm, ultraviolet bulbs to attract insects the fly-killer machine. and this is the wavelength used for UV mosquito killer lamps

is it Effective for Mosquitoes - Check the Video

How to choose the ultra-effective Model for fast action?

electric fly killer for home

  1. The front of the home is regularly in the live hall area and dining room, our 16W Model cover approx 150 sqft, and 30W model approx around 300 Sqft area we is recommended for the kitchen, and dining area use coverage areas up to 150 sqft coverage model of16W 
  2. Commercial Models - Larger Size 2 Feet Model 40W approx coverage area up to 400 Sqft and larger areas of more than 500Sqft for Commerical use
  3. For outdoor Placement identify the hanging option facility available with unit
  4. Identify the Cleaning tray portion - is it easily removable
  5. if units are placing the kitchen and washing areas location we strongly recommend unit keeping in a floor stand, it's easy to move to another place
  6. Storage area we strongly recommend glue pad flycatchers are most safe.
  7. Industrial fly killers are typically quite larger units with Heavy duty transformers used


fly killer machine best price in india can vary depending on the brand, type and features. Generally, you can find fly killers for Rs 3390 - 14500.


fly killing machine


Insect Light Live result?

Where to Install flying insect killer!
  1. Room Size & Coverage - unit can be run efficiently in the middle of the area.
  2. Best location far from other light sources - product away from strong light, keep the product away from sunlight
  3. Above doors: the positioning that is ideal for your fly killer ought to be involving the probable point of entry and the food. simply inside and above doors are typical and near by doors or windows is best for industrial premises, farmhouses
  4. Height: The average height that is flying off is around 5 to 8 legs (1.5-2.5 meters).
  5. Not above food prepares to keep away minimum of 2 meters from food preparing areas

Are you searching for a Philips Insect Killer Machine in the market?

  • Philips does not produce electric insect killer devices, some local dealers in the market are selling pest traps under the name of Philips. They utilize Philips UV insect killer tubes, starters, and chokes to create their products, which they market as Philips insect killers. It is recommended to verify this information by visiting the Philips company's website, where they offer mosquito catchers machines for reference.

Features of WANTRN

  1. High-voltage and dual grid technology used to trap small flying insects
  2. Customize UV tube options for change-sleeved tubes or normal UV lamps
  3. Extended Warranty available for our models
  4. Easily removable cleaning tray designed for mosquito trap machine | Simply take out the removable tray and clean the device within 2 mins 
  5. Electric insect killer machine designed to plug and play model it's really helpful for the initial use of the product
  6. unit is using high-quality for the best result, our all products ideal for shops and home. 
  7. WANTRN insect killer suitable for common flies except mosquitoes it effective runs through electrified metal grids

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How to Find the Right Brand 

Not at all Spare Parts, Confirm Body Parts Availability
for future replacement

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The entire year we deal only Insect killers - find features of WANTRN

Our all range of products electronic fly killers recommended for bakery, industry, hospital, sweet shops, dairy

  1. Service Part 
  2. Warranty Process
  3. Accessories availability 
  4. Each Product has a Serial number, Once Order placed you will get the product serial number via email - you can track the product warranty using this serial number,
  5. Body Parts - after use for some months products looks like their old feelings, you can replace the body parts individually front door, catching tray, and electric grid part after the replacement of these part products looks brand new condition so you can continue to use them for a long time instead of buying a new machine. this is the biggest advantage when you become wantrn
  6. We Deliver the products and parts all over India, Major Cities we have Cash on Delivery option available
  7. Connect Service Person - Instant support
  8. Since 2011 we are in the Insect Killer Machine field - Over 11Yr Experience
  9. WANTRN® Guarantee - Buy Back Protection 
  10. WANTRN Guarantee - even after a year of usage, if you need to fix the problem on the old machine - send the item to our Service center in the event that we can't unable to fix the issue then we will offer a Flat 50% Discount for a new machine - become a WANTRN Client enjoy these benefit
  11. WANTRN Wholesale price in india for electricals machine offered at very competitive for our dealers - fly catcher machine Philips brand is not available with us