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How Effective are fly killer Machine?

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Why Choose Flying Insect Killer Machine from Manufacturer ?

  1. There are many fly killer machines in the market, but not all are equally effective. For this reason, it's important to consult experts before making a purchase. We have experienced personnel who will recommend a suitable model based on your requirements
  2. We are providing a custom fly killer machine that can be customized to you according to your need at the best price
  3. who want to buy the fly killer machine at the cheapest price, buy from a Manufacturer or stockist will save a lot's money and get the original item
  4. we are a direct company with free service and warranty claims. we take care of all our customer's wants and save money
  5. We provide spare parts and service packages at low price

How does Work House Fly Killer Machine

    • bug zappers are used to control flying insects by attracting them with ultraviolet light bulbs and then electrocuting them on an electrical metal grid. dead flies stored in removable trays, fly zappers can be used indoors or outdoors, and are more commonly used indoors to control flies in residential and commercial situations, or outdoors to control mosquitoes, moths, midges, fruit flies, and flies mosquitoes
    • The WANTRN house flies killers machine ultraviolet tubes to attract flying insects into the product, before zapping them dead on a high voltage killing grid. The UV tubes emit a wavelength of UV light that is attractive to flies, which are attracted to the tube because it emits UV at a level comparable to that of the sun.

    The Advantages of Using a Flying insect killer

    • fly killer machine is now available with a new and improved design. It works by attracting, trapping, and killing flies. Fly killer machines can be used both inside and outside the home. easy access for catching pesky flies.
    • electric fly killer machine suitable for indoor and outdoor use, build with solid aluminum, metal, and ABS Fiber body, Say goodbye to all flying insects problems in your home
    • This product is made of aluminum, Metal, ABS body has a stylish finish
    • A dedicated on/off switch option is available
    • We guarantee you'll forget about your flying insect problem once and for all after using our fly-killer machine. With a range of 300 Sqft areas and blue light that attracts insects, you'll never find yourself in a sticky situation again.
    • It comes with a chrome-plated hanging chain and black ABS fixtures.
    • Finding the Best fly killer machine at a wide range of models available

    Where to Install Electric Fly Killer?

    • Recommend installing Electric Fly Killers in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended coverage guidelines. Install Electric Fly Killers away from sources of light and heat, and avoid installing them directly above sensitive areas.
    • Don’t install Electric Fly Killer directly above sensitive areas, such as food preparation areas

    How to improve the catching results?

      • For the best result, position the zapper in the darkest area of the room.
      • Simple ON/OFF switch to further reduce energy consumption when the fly killer is not needed
      • Easy installation Plug and Play Model - Hanging Chain will be offered
      Filter by Warranty
      Warranty Period 1 Year
      Tubes 18W * 2
      Recommended Models for Hotels - Commercial use
      Sort by Number of Tubes
      Product Used by 2 Tube
      Electric / Glue Pad Insects kills by Grid Layer
      Volt 40W
      Sort by Product Coverage 400 - Sqft
      Option Floor Standing - Hanging ( Hanging Chain Included )
      Product make by Aluminium + Metal + ABS Fiber Body

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