3 Powerful Tips To Choose Right Fly Killer Machine

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Few Things to Check Before Buy

Electric fly Killer Machine


in the market, we find a lot's electric fly killers how do choose the best

An effective way to Kill House flies, Bugs, and flying insects problem can control with an

electric Bug zapper fly catcher for home - restaurants - hotels - offices use

3 Types are available in the market

Electric Fly Killers

Fly Catcher Machine Glue board

Mosquito Killer Trap

electric fly killer

  • Insect control machines are three typesGlue pad sticky type or electric shock, or suction trap. The glue pad models, which are then trapped on a stick-on glue pad, and the electric model electrocuted when they touch an internal dual grid, it's depends based on your area
  • Electric fly insect killer machines are producing sound when insects are touching on-grid plates which never happens with the glue board fly killers

Do You Know How To Find Out Difference Between Electric Insect Killer - Fly Catcher Machine and led Mosquito Trap Learn to know

Electric machines work with high-quality ultraviolet bulbs light attracts mosquitoes and insects trapped with electric dual grids and kills them by shock, and the electric model electrocuted when they touch an internal dual grid, it depends based on your requirement. Electric fly insect killer machines are producing sound when insects are touching on-grid plates which never happens with the glue board fly killers and the electric model electrocuted when they touch an internal dual grid

Glue Pad Sticky Model - The glue pad models, which are then trapped on a stick-on glue pad, Glue pad flycatcher machines are completely sound-free and smell-free, it works without any spray no smell and has no side effect

Led Mosquito killer traps emit carbon dioxide that people and animals produce when they breathe, which mosquitoes sense. Once it's inside the attractive device suddenly they are trapped and captured and killed by vacuums

How does an Insect Catcher work? 

  • Eco-friendly electric Insect Killer Machines work with UV Lights attract insects into high voltage dual electrified metal grids where the mosquitoes and flies are electrocuted. The light bulb and the wires are housed in protective plastic or product body part metal cage
  • When the flying insects see the UV light from the insect killer uv bulbs, it enters the space in between the dual mesh grids. The insects themselves complete the electric circuit, and the voltage crosses the space between the circuits, instantly killing the insects

Are flying insects attracted to UV light? 

  • research says Fly Killer tube lights emit Ultra Violet radiation at 345 or 370nm, This light frequency attracts the fly-killer machine. and this is the wavelength used for UV insects killer lamps

How to Choose the Right Model? 

  1. The front of the home is regularly in the live hall area and dining room, our 20W Model cover approx 200 sqft and 30W model approx around 300 Sqft area we recommended for living room, kitchen and dining area use coverage areas up to 200 sqft coverage product,
  2. Commercial Models - Larger Size 2 Feet Model 40W approx coverage area up to 400 Sqft and larger areas of more than 500Sqft for Commerical use
  3. For outdoor Placement identify the hanging option facility available with unit
  4. Identify the Cleaning tray portion - is it easily removable
  5. if units are placing the kitchen and washing areas location we strongly recommend unit keeping in a floor stand, it's easy to move to another place
  6. Storage area we strongly recommend glue pad flycatchers are most safe. Industrial installations are usually factories and warehouses with Premium Model 40W, and 60W Series these models are larger coverage models. compare to standard commercial models,
  7. Industrial fly killers are typically quite larger units with Heavy duty transformers used

House fly killer Live result!

Where to Install flying insect killer!
  1. Room Size & Coverage - Mosquito Killer Machines offer wide-area coverage capacity, often rated in meters squared. This is actually the room that is maximum that the insect killer can run efficiently if the fly killer is put in the middle of the area. In the event that space exceeds the maximum coverage area, you will need several fly killers to make sure protection is sufficient for bugs such as instance rats and mice
  2. Far from other sources that are light as insects are drawn to bright lights, fly killers could be less efficient if they are contending along with other light sources
  3. Above doors: the positioning that is ideal for your fly killer ought to be involving the probable point of entry and the food. Consequently, simply inside and above doors are typical
  4. Height: The average height that is flying off is around 5 to 8 legs (1.5-2.5 meters). Positioning the system only at that height maximizes its effectiveness
  5. Not above food prepares which are dining depending on the size or sort of pest, some may ‘explode’ on impact. As such, its essential fly killers aren’t positioned so pest debris could anywhere fall into food

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Features of WANTRN

  1. High-voltage and dual grid technology used to trap small flying insects
  2. Customize UV tube options for change sleeved tubes or normal UV lamps
  3. Extended Warranty available for our models
  4. Easily removable cleaning tray designed for mosquito trap machine | simply take out the removable tray and clean the device within 2 mins 
  5. insect killer machine designed to plug and play model it's really helpful for the initial use of the product

How to change the UV Light like a Professional

fly killer tube light

  • Fly Killer tube lights are available 8W, 10W, 15W, 18W 

  • To maintain good results, insect killer tubes should be changed at least every 12 months ( Recommend best insect killer tube light 

  • We recommend Philips UV tubes, as their most effective attraction and long life compare to other tubes, which reduces the amount of maintenance required.

  • Spare tube Lights clients can buy from our website, it's available on our website

  • if the model need requires starters, replace them yearly once

How to find the Right Brand 

Not all Spare Parts, Confirm Body Parts Availability
for future replacement

WANTRN has Leading Brand Since 2011

The entire year we deal only fly killer machines - find features of WANTRN

  1. Service Part 
  2. Warranty Process
  3. Accessories availability 
  4. Each Product has a Serial number, Once Order placed you will get product serial number via email - you can track product warranty using this serial number,
  5. Body Parts - after using for some months products looks like their old feelings, you can replace the body parts individually front door, catching tray, and electric grid part after the replacement of these part products looks brand new condition so you can continue to use them for a long time instead of buying a new machine. this is the biggest advantage when you become wantrn
  6. We Deliver the products and parts all over India, Major Cities we have Cash on Delivery option available
  7. Connect Service Person - Instant support
  8. Since 2011 we are in the Insect Killer Machine field - Over 11Yr Experience
  9. WANTRN® Guarantee - Buy Back Protection 
  10. WANTRN Guarantee - even after a year of usage, if you need to fix the problem on the old machine - send the item to our Service center in the event that we can't unable to fix the issue then we will offer a Flat 50% Discount for a new machine - become a WANTRN Client enjoy these benefit